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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

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Post your high scores with proof of some kind, gonna make a leaderboard thread and sticky it so you can know that your three letters are the best in town
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>>83 (OP) 
thats actually a neat idea but idk what to try to compete in
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Doesn't matter, as long as it's retro I'll put it in the leaderboard thread. And any kind of proof works, picture, screenshot, video, you name it. 
I'd suggest just play a game you like or you're good at, simply having a score up creates the incentive for others to try to beat it.
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Shit I don't have the time to edit it right now as thoroughly as I think I'd like, but I'd like to add that 1cc runs are the only ones that count, on console/pc games that simply means no continues
>a game you like
easy enough but most of them don't really have any kind of formal scoring, I have to think back to arcade stuff to think of a game with a score. I wouldn't mind playing some of those though

>or you're good at
rusty at everything these days, that's what happens when you're almost entirely abstinent from vidya for like 5-6 years.

>And any kind of proof works, picture, screenshot, video, you name it
I'm actually worried someone will cheat despite the fact that this is just a dumb little competition for fun amongst a small community. I hope not, that would be really gay
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so your high score entry is 3 characters just like the old initial high scoring?
Replies: >>89
Not much I can do about a cheater unless it's obvious, hopes are that people will pay fair and in good spirit.
Yes, heil Hitler
And I intend to talk shit on other webring boards because officially the best players of "x" game will have their scores posted here, maybe that'll drive up some traffic like another anon was asking for
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sounds like a headache that would just start 4/v/ or twitter tier drama. this isnt your school club, this is an IB :(
Replies: >>93
it's just for fun and to get people to actually play videogames and contribute content. idk about anyone else but if people start taking it way too seriously and going extreme levels of tryhard and getting angry I will make fun of them for it and maybe others will too
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it's literally an e-peen measuring contest that'll just get fudged or forgotten anyway, i don't see how it could go any other way. can't you start a retro gaming childhood stories greentext thread or something?
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Don't worry it isn't a highscore of being a pussy so no one is gonna take your throne.
Really though if you don't wanna play games then don't. Why the fuck would you bitch about people playing games? Don't answer that I don't care
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Fug, I don't even know any games I like with score system... I'll think of something.

By the way, can you disable this terrible captcha for every post? You only really need it if some spam raid happens.
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you're mental or a bitch
Replies: >>106
Sorry had it set to kick in if more than three posts were made within an hour, seemed to make sense when it was dead 24+ hours ago
>it's literally an e-peen measuring contest
lol calm down nigger
start the greentext childhood thing thread
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>>83 (OP) 
here is my highscore in "Donkey Kong 3 Dai Gyakushuu". Later on I gonna try to beat the current score.

the proof:
You are officially the best
Oh yeah did you play this on MAME?
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this is a man who really takes "retro" seriously
no, I played at xmil060a
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digdugfirstattempt.png (u)
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>This is where your fat dong gets put on display for the whole world to see
LMFAO claiming XLP as my three letters then.
did something to get on the leaderboard, decided to play some dig dug (haven't touched dig dug or any other arcade game in years). I don't care what anyone says, dig dug is fucking brutal. I lost a life in a really stupid way early on so it wasn't that great of a run. if I hadn't died early I probably would have a score closer to 100k. I can probably beat that score but I'm rusty at the moment and i've never played dig dug with keyboard so it threw me off. for now I've got a measly 57k.

for those of you who don't know all the game secrets, you get more points for killing dragons horizontally (because its more dangerous, they can spit fire on you), you get more points the deeper you are in the ground when you kill an enemy, and the food appears after you drop your second rock. rapidly move while shooting to kill enemies faster, basically alternate between tapping a directional key and the fire button so you don't get fucked up.
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thirdtry.png (u)
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yeah see i already did better on my third try (i was really not pleased at all with that 57k and had to try again). there's two strategies to this game. actually there's three, the third is some autistic pattern memorization but i am not autistic enough for that. first strategy is to try to get the rocks to fall and eat the food to get points, most of your effort going into the rocks/making sure you get them. this is what i tried the first round. I call this strategy BORN TO DIE, WORLD IS A ROCK because you will probably get flooded by enemies and die if you really try to make sure you get those rocks every time. the second strategy is Kill Em All 1989, 410,757,864,530 DEAD DRAGONS where you rush enemies before the game speed picks up no matter what. get those fucking annoying dragons out of the way at all cost and if you miss some food, oh well, shit happens. my third try i focused way more on rushing enemies and did better, but did miss some food late game which is worth a lot more points than early game food.

anyway have fun if anyone decides to play dig dug, my hand is actually cramped from mashing the fire button as fast as possible so i am done for today lmfao. I think 100k is what seperates a bad or regular player from a decent player, so I will go for a 100k some other time and then stop. 100k is a score i think i can be happy with.
Replies: >>308
is that emulatr
Replies: >>315
hey BO, you did it wrong. i am not AAAAAAAAAA, i am XLP. i did not play donkey kong 3, i played dig dug. please fix lol
Replies: >>303
hey retard post ur digdug proofs
Replies: >>304
apparently screencaps are okay: >>85
didnt take videos
Replies: >>305 >>315
apparently your fucking RETARDED try the high score of choking yourself on AAAAAAAAA's cock idiot then come back and beg for a position on the coveted High Score Board retard 🖕🏻
Replies: >>306
lmfao look at this guy
Replies: >>307
post ur fuckin score wtf
Replies: >>308
i did retard holy shit: >>300
it's 82870 on dig dug lmfao are you retarded?
Replies: >>309
yeah I'm pretty drunk I'll fill you in
Replies: >>310
lmfao and fix the other guy's score, his score on donkey kong is 13560
maybe don't edit the leaderboard while drunk next time kek
Replies: >>311
ya i ok
how did you play it on mane or wat
Replies: >>312
yeah on meme
Replies: >>313
>he actually put "meme" on the high score
drunk bo is 10/10 kek
yes, it's a emulator for sharp x1

It would be nice to post videos as proof, as screenshots are not a very reliable proof, since anyone could hack a game
Replies: >>316 >>317
i understand that which is why i tested video with mame but 8 seconds of tiny resolution video was 100MB of uncompressed avi. if I do video i'll have to move to a different computer and also set up OBS instead. and then edit the video. but obviously I just didn't feel like doing that. anyway i'll try to video the 100k
>sharp x1
Oh that's cool
I agree but people can only do so much and I don't want to hinder people's will to participate. Someone may not have a way to record video, for instance if someone went to an arcade and racked up a high score they could only really take a picture with likely their phone, or if someone is playing on real hardware and don't have a capture card. Video is still encouraged
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I did it guys, I beat my current record 

15880 on Donkey Kong 3 Dai Gyakushuu (emulator - xmil060a)

the video
Replies: >>320
Having never played this game I must ask, would it not be easier to get the highest score by simply staying on the first or second level? I see that you get no points for getting to the next level, and of course it becomes more difficult to stay alive the further you get. I understand why you'd be trying to get further level wise, if that's your highest score then that tells me that's the highest level you've gotten to so yeah I'd want to see the levels after that too. Just a curiosity really.
Replies: >>321
>would it not be easier to get the highest score by simply staying on the first or second level

The problem is that there is a limit on the wave of enemies that will spawn in every level, so when you kill every enemies you will go to the next level. 

>I'd want to see the levels after that too
watch this video then
Replies: >>322
>limit on the wave of enemies that will spawn
Oh okay
Nah I'll wait for the .wmv, thanks though.
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