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Diablo thread, specifically 1, 2, and expansions.

Been playing Diablo 1 lately (with the hellfire expansion) and it's nothing short of impressive. It's one of the best-aged games I've ever played: the graphics, the dungeon crawling, it all still holds up today and has probably gotten better with time rather than worse considering much of the garbage that gets released now. It's one of those games that when you play it in current year, you become extra disgusted at all of the absolute trash that comes out now despite the fact that something like this existed over 2 decades ago and is still completely fun to play. This game is timeless, I don't foresee it ever not being fun.

There's a lot of clicking and stats that determine outcomes but it's not as egregious as classic elder scrolls and because you're not actually aiming and you're just clicking on enemies from an isometric perspective it does not feel bad at all. The dungeons are interesting and you find yourself wanting to keep going despite the sense of dread the atmosphere constantly gives you and knowing you could open a door and become overwhelmed instantly. Graphically gorgeous, Blizzard knew the graphical limitations of the era and pushed as hard as they could to make something that truly looks good at what it is per se and what it does, which makes it still attractive to look at today. There's some palette dithering in there but it didn't seem to get in their way of making the game look pretty. The dungeon layouts are different every time you play as I'm sure you already know, so this makes the game rather replayable.

There's a reverse-engineered version which allows the game to be run on practically any platform you can think of, and this game runs exceptionally well literally anywhere (even on raspberry pi). No real excuse not to play it. Pic related is a screenshot I took right before I opened that door, thinking I was doing pretty well and being proud of myself before getting fucked up by the butcher (first boss), kek.
Also if anyone else is doing well but suddenly gets buttfucked just go back to town and visit the shops and keep loading until they stock whatever the best weapon is for your class that you can get. For example I'm the monk so I specialize in non-magic staffs so all I did was go back to town, sell my shit, get rid of the falchion and shield I was using and replace it with a composite staff which seems to be the best I can buy at my level. I think it was 500 gold or something. Anyway beat him first try after that. If you ever start doing poorly it's probably due to equipment so just go back to town.

I'm enjoying this game enough that I will probably end up beating it. I don't see myself stopping soon.
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fuck, forgot pic
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