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>Pre-4chan Vidya
So anything before 01/10/03?
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You got it
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Well okay then
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>>7 (OP) 
wouldn't it be easier to just make it 5th gen and before instead?
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idk, not up to me
nah. if you're here then you know the timeframe already.
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Nah. You see, 6th gen fucks any attempt at a clear cutoff date because it started in 1998 and ended arguably as late as 2008. So it's contemporary with both 5th and even 4th gen on the one end of the spectrum, while on the other end "modern games" that come out now are pretty much just skin swaps of late 6th gen games. So you have one gen with games so old and archaic that their genres don't even exist anymore, and at the same time games so modern that their genres haven't seen any substantial update since mid 00s.
There's really no other way than to just include the entirety of 6th gen if we're talking about acceptable topics.

See, I would rather propose a 'photorealism boundary'. Basically when games and technology started aiming specifically for a photorealistic picture is when ""retro"" truly ended. To me what we call retro - both 2D and early to mid 3D - is not about dates but rather about artistic merits of working around major technical limitations, which is what made those games so good. When every game looked absolutely different and unique because they were all stylized artistic visions of reality seen through a prism of creative people. Not so much anymore when 90% of the entire development process goes towards making everything look how it actually does in real life - which is, you know, same. When the 7th gen started we didn't just gain things like upgrades in storage space and resolution, we for the first time started progressively losing things, losing artistry, because there were no more technical limitations to overcome. More and more elements started becoming token. Like water for example. Water was among the most creative things to render in the absence of shaders, bamp maps and whatnot; everyone was doing it differently. But when that time came and the aiming for photorealism started, it became an afterthought. Water will look like water, in every game. Kingdom Hearts you say? Sure, we'll just add regular realistic water. Many other such cases.
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pre-widescreen vidya
I have an idea on how you could define retro. Right now the cutoff is october 2003, so as long as it's september or earlier it's fine. That's almost 18 years ago at the time of this post, very close. You could set a number of years like 18. So long as when the post is made, the game is 18 years old, it's fine. So that means like every month some new games would be allowed to be discussed on the board.
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>Right now the cutoff is october 2003,
err, it's not
see >>78
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>err, it's not
yes it is, see: >>7 (OP)  >>8
also, see board description at the top of the page: "Pre-4chan Vidya"
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Did you take it literally lol?
Replies: >>283
my assumption is that this board's definition of retro vidya is vidya before october 2003, yes. considering there is literally nothing else to go on other than "pre-4chan vidya"
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if this assumption is incorrect BO should make some rules already
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There has never been any clear definition of retro. Pre-cuckchan is certainly a decent enough generalization.
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so what you're saying is you want it to be games old enough to fuck
no niggers, no women, games old enough to fuck :^)
Yeah and it's staying that way
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>so what you're saying is you want it to be games old enough to fuck
yeah. well actually wait no, because if we have any users from the middle east that means games that are only a decade old or so.
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Just wanted to mention a new board '/valis/' is now open on the webring.
It's a place about entertainment systems using video or rich visual mechanisms as feedback that may or may not have been put together by a few 8vg anons :^)
Discussion can also range to saloon activities like cue games and card shuffling due to their social and classic nature in the ludic activities of people around the world.
Having or remembering fun and sharing tips and tricks sounds like the goal, come visit sometime
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>advertising on the deadest site in the webring
congratulations, you're retarded
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good luck buddy
>instantly replied to tell how the board is super dead
Damn you look stupid.
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are you implying this is not the deadest site in the webring? congratulations, you're retarded
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no one's posted on sportschan in 8 months dude
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anons are so retarded in current year that I can't tell if this is a joke or genuinely nigger IQ. their webring plugin is broken.
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