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What's your favorite?

Discuss classic FPS. Doom, Quake, Unreal, anything and everything. Vid not really related.
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>>37 (OP) 
I can't play any of the super old school ones like doom or quake because they make me want to puke 
The only retro shooter that I've really ever played was perfect dark which so by default it's my favorite.
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>because they make me want to puke
Why is that? I don't think they're that ugly. Especially doom, I think the sprites have aged extremely well compared to 3D models.
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Some people get motion sickness with the bounce walk in older FPSs
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Oh. I don't remember there being bouncing on Quake and Unreal so those might be good choices if you get motion sickness. Also there should surely be mods to get rid of it, I would think.
I have no idea if this works on Doom on sourceports other than zdoom/gzdoom, but apparently putting movebob 0 into the console on zdoom/gzdoom will disable the bobbing. Happy dooming. If anyone posts other games with camera bobbing and whatnot I'll try to find fixes so you can play without feeling sick.
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You are a nice poster, thank you for posting.
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Oh you <3
I want people to be able to enjoy these games. FPS has taken such a shocking turn for the worse with things like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor and Duty of Battle Modern Medal Field, these games are absolute gems and people need to be able to go back and play a real FPS, even if you need mods settings tweaks.
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Also I decided to draw something. Here's some (rather bad) doomguy. Haven't drawn anything in a bit, I've already gotten a bit worse. Happy dooming.
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*mods/settings tweaks
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nice doodle
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>>37 (OP) 
This might sound hipsterish, but I think I enjoy Spear of Destiny more than Doom. The level design might be a lot more monotonous, but ECWolf helps alleviate that by including a map feature. There are only a few weapons, but unlike a couple of Doom's they all feel satisfying to use to me. Even the pistol packs a wallop compared to the peashooter in Doom.

That said, Doom is still one of my all-time favorites, especially aesthetically. I still need to sink my teeth into the Build Engine games and Outlaws.

I've been getting into Unreal Tournament lately, and I think it might be up there for me in terms of gameplay. It's got the frantic, arcade-style gameplay I prefer out of shooters.
I never liked the polygonal look even as a kid when it was considered advanced. I have come to like the rough look of some of the earlier games like Virtua Fighter though.
>Call of Duty and Medal of Honor and Duty of Battle Modern Medal Field
I actually enjoyed the last Call of Duty game I played as far as multiplayer goes. But the single-player mode is worthless, and the games are thematically pretty generic.
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where are my turok niggas?
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I only ever played Evolution, which everyone hated but I liked as a kid.
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Same yo
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I actually got a copy of Turok 2 that was mislabeled as Shadows of the Empire later on, but I returned it before I got a chance to really play it.
I loved turok 2 for the weapon variety. The Level design sucked ass
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