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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

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What are you playing RIGHT NOW and what do you think about it?

I'm slowly working through Bangai-O at the moment. Fun game, mediocre music, funny characters. It's a shmup where you fly freely through levels to a boss then kill the boss. You've got an ohshit button that shoots your projectiles in all directions, and the more shit on screen coming at you, ie. enemies or bullets, the more projectiles your oshit button produces, up to enough to cause slowdown on your Dreamcast. You can switch between homing missiles as the male character or the female who has a ricochet projectile freely with the press of a button. You rack up your score the most by killing as much stuff as possible with a single oshit button press, so stacking up onscreen enemies would be the goal if you're going for a high score. There's no reason to go for score unless you want to though, you can clear levels without paying any attention to your score at all. I think I'm close to halfway through but really there's no telling. There's this box thing on every level and touching it brings up a conversation with a treegirl where she can say useful stuff but mostly it's just nothing. My favorite from her so far is you bitch about having to read the same text over and over, she says that if that happens it's because you "suck" and that's why you "keep losing", and ends it with essentially "if you are reading this that means it's true."

What about you, anon?
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Kohan: Ahriman's Gift. It's been a favorite of mine for a little while now, so I come back to it every so often. It's probably the most well-designed RTS I've ever played.
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I thought my Dreamcast died cuz its known to have issues with the lens mechanism getting busted when you play too many burned discs but my buddy told me "clean it" i told him to fuck himself and then did it because why not and it fucking WORKED I'm so stoked. Anyway was playing a lot of CvS 2 last night until I thought I killed the thing and now I'm playing gayro MotW
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and it just died the big death. no power or anything.
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Nothing /vr/ related
Dreamcast PSU's are probably all starting to kick it now considering their age, I'd check and see if you could get something new dropped in instead and see if that helps.
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Okay I'll look into that. Seeing positives and negatives about some aftermarket ones like DreamPSU. Might just try to find an old fashioned original PSU if I can to avoid fucking it up further, which I guess doesn't really matter at this point as it's dead.
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Of you want something original you could try looking for a cap kit for the PSU in your system. A lot of the time the reason why they stop working is solely the capacitors themselves having given up the ghost. Not sure if they have them but console5 tends to have a shitton of cap kits for a bunch of different things. If you haven't done any soldering work before either you may also want to see if you can find someone to do that for you.
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