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I've got the reverse-engineered version of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. I was playing Grand Theft Auto III for a while, the reverse engineered copy seems great. I've got both games compiled in 64 bit, it seems most of the bugs are fixed and the config editing is much better (uses an ini file). I also got the Rockstar Classics collection for free when that was available, which includes GTA, GTAII, and Wild Metal. Haven't tried them.

Grand Theft Auto thread I guess. San Andreas isn't pre-4chan so I guess discussion of that is out.
>reverse-engineered version of Grand Theft Auto III
No idea what you're talking about.
I liked 3 a lot, meant to replay VC but when I hacked my ps3 it suddenly stopped playing ps2 discs and I haven't bothered trying to play it any other way since. I was a big fan of 2, and funny enough I've got the euro or is it british expansion of 1 but I don't have the actual game to use that expansion on.
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>No idea what you're talking about.
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Thank you
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>Thank you
No problem. It's pretty good. The guys went ahead and fixed a bunch of the bugs and crashes while they were reverse-engineering the games, so they're much more stable now. You can compile the source code on a modern compiler, in 64 bit (or 32 if you want that for some reason), for a variety of operating systems. You can now have GTA running natively on Linux and even BSD. For graphics it supports both directx and opengl, depending on what you want. It makes the game fully portable as well, saving in the same directory as the game is located. You can now edit settings in an .ini file which means you can fix things easily (like the mouse sensitivity for vertical and horizontal mouse movement being uneven). Widescreen fixes are built in. They also took some graphical improvements that the PS2 and Xbox versions had (like particle effects and reflections) and put them in, so the graphics have improved too.

I could probably keep going but I'll spare you.
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>I'll spare you
Please don't. If you posted more on the topic I think that would be just swell.
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Well okay sure.

You need to supply the game assets yourself. If you're a buyfag, the games are on steam. If you're a piratefag, go looking. If you're a collector and you already have the games in your collection, just install and get rid of the executable and dlls and shit. You'll wanna use the executable you compile along with everything in the "gamefiles" directory. Just copy that in and let it overwrite existing files. For compiling, you'll need librw. It's reverse-engineered renderware. You can get it here:

On Windows you'll have to download that directx SDK. I don't know how to compile the OpenGL version on Windows. You'll probably want 64 bit. Follow the instructions. Run the batch file and build with VS. Put librw in the correct directory in the "vendor" directory before you compile and that's all you need. For other platforms, not sure which ones, you may need one or more of these in their respective directories under vendor:

For windows, you'll need to also throw the correct version (32 or 64 bit) of a few dlls in your completed directory with your executable and assets. mpg123 and openal are required unless you compiled 32 bit and decided to opt for mss. In which case just keep your mss dll. You can also put libsndfile in there but I'm not sure what it's for. It's not required.

That's about all I can think of for now. They didn't successfully finish reverse-engineering any other games other than GTA 3 and VC, and since they got shoah'd by Cockstar I doubt there will be anything else from this project. RIP, but at least we got these games reverse-engineered and patched up.

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Wow thank you. If there's anything else you'd like to post but you aren't sure if anyone would give a shit, please decide to post it anyway. Slow board like this, some day someone might very well come upon it and be grateful that you posted it. I really appreciate the posts you've made itt.
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Yeah no problem.

All this chatter, I kinda feel like playing GTA now, lol. I was in the middle of GTA 3 about a month or so ago, and then I just kinda quit. Now I'm a little distracted because I've decided to pick up drawing as a little hobby, but I think I might load up some GTA and mow down some pedestrians.
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do that and then draw the best ones for /rkgk/
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Actually you know what vtube it bro you don't have to say anything or I guess if you want to cool but we got a /chuuba/ whatever the fuck that means so why the hell not okay I gotta go to sleep I hope you enjoy your gta 3
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>draw the best ones for /rkgk/
I try to. I have a request thread there, feel free to make a request for me if you haven't already.
Yeah I know it's my board kek. I'm not a vtuber though.
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Nemesis_the_Warlock.sid (u)
oh shit 
I might have some questions for you in the future.
>request thread
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Ah, you were that guy. It was my first real digital drawing so I was at my worst, and I wasn't good at the software yet either. I remember having to re-read you post repeatedly, and trying to work everything into that request took forever until I just got incredibly lazy. I stopped undoing and just embraced how garbage this request was going to end up being. I honestly probably spent the most time on that request (close to an hour) despite it being probably my poorest drawing. It was taking a lot of time so after finally fitting everything in, I went full lazy on the coloring, kek. Children color better.

Anyway I drew Claude from GTA3 for funsies. I'll also post it over on /rkgk/. I'm gonna play GTA now, enjoy your sleep.
>They didn't successfully finish reverse-engineering any other games other than GTA 3 and VC, and since they got shoah'd by Cockstar

I don't understand why companies do this. These games came out also 20 years ago just let the fans have fun with them.
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Last time I checked they're still selling GTA 3 at walmart but I last checked maybe five years ago
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Last time I was at my walmart I noticed mine did too. Did the game just get over printed or did it not sell as well as I think it did?
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How much do they want for it? Honestly doesn't seem like that bad of a purchase unless you already have it.
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I think it was like 20 dollars but it included Vice and SA. I have a copy already so I didn't buy it.
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Yeah it was twenty bucks with VC and SA. I grabbed it because I didn't have the games and I'd recently been given a backwards compatible ps3
I know it's not pre-4chan but I tried the Liberty City Stories reverse-engineered port and it's not in a really playable state yet. It sorta works, but too much shit is broken. Porting it along with Vice City Stories would be major though, because they never got a PC release and surely never will. Saging because I guess this is technically not on-topic of pre-4chan vidya.
oh yeah I totally forgot, bump for MAJOR UPDATE! the reverse-engineering project is BACK FROM THE DEAD after the DMCA takedown was not contested in a counter-claim (somewhat old news by now).

master for 3, miami for vc. enjoy have fun post gta etc
VC or III?
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I never played GTA3, started with Vice City when it came out because it was the hypest thing around and I just got my brand new PS2. Never went back to check GTA3 because it felt mechanically outdated even compared to Vice City, let alone San Andreas. I'm kinda still in this limbo even now.
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idk I think things like SA really fuck up when they try to add missions with sneaking around and shit, like manhunt or whatever. it just feels out of place, like SA has no idea what kind of game it's trying to be. so it just tacks on tons of mechanics while none of them are really enjoyable at all. nothing wrong with keeping the formula simple and focusing on a few things and being really good at those few things than tack on shit nobody asked for that end up feeling forced and not well polished and not much fun.

I would like to remind everyone that this is just my opinion and it's fine if you disagree so ffs don't get mad lol
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You can say that about any GTA game. Missions have never been the strong point of the series. In fact I would play for weeks and weeks without even touching any of the story missions when the games used to come out.

Also git gud
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>Missions have never been the strong point of the series
trust me I know, there really isn't a strong point of the series at all if I'm being entirely honest. but the missions specifically always feel like an afterthought that was kinda thrown together.

>Also git gud
what? I never said GTA was hard? GTA is piss easy
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>there really isn't a strong point of the series
that's the end of talking to you
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oh no someone has a different opinion than you time to completely shut down
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