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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

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This is where your fat dong gets put on display for the whole world to see. 
game - name - score - means of playing
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Donkey Kong 3 Dai Gyakushuu - AAAAAAAAAA - 15880 - xmil060a
Dig Dug - XLP - 82870 - meme
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>Pre-4chan Vidya
So anything before 01/10/03?
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>instantly replied to tell how the board is super dead
Damn you look stupid.
Replies: >>342
are you implying this is not the deadest site in the webring? congratulations, you're retarded
Replies: >>343
no one's posted on sportschan in 8 months dude
Replies: >>344
anons are so retarded in current year that I can't tell if this is a joke or genuinely nigger IQ. their webring plugin is broken.
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Art of Fighting 2 - Kabocha-To Piero (King Theme).mp3 (u)
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Post the tunes
what happened to the old music thread?
Replies: >>336
Idk I guess the guy deleted it? I didn't touch it

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What's your favorite?

Discuss classic FPS. Doom, Quake, Unreal, anything and everything. Vid not really related.
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where are my turok niggas?
Replies: >>319 >>333
I only ever played Evolution, which everyone hated but I liked as a kid.
Replies: >>329
Same yo
Replies: >>332
I actually got a copy of Turok 2 that was mislabeled as Shadows of the Empire later on, but I returned it before I got a chance to really play it.
I loved turok 2 for the weapon variety. The Level design sucked ass

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What are you playing RIGHT NOW and what do you think about it?

I'm slowly working through Bangai-O at the moment. Fun game, mediocre music, funny characters. It's a shmup where you fly freely through levels to a boss then kill the boss. You've got an ohshit button that shoots your projectiles in all directions, and the more shit on screen coming at you, ie. enemies or bullets, the more projectiles your oshit button produces, up to enough to cause slowdown on your Dreamcast. You can switch between homing missiles as the male character or the female who has a ricochet projectile freely with the press of a button. You rack up your score the most by killing as much stuff as possible with a single oshit button press, so stacking up onscreen enemies would be the goal if you're going for a high score. There's no reason to go for score unless you want to though, you can clear levels without paying any attention to your score at all. I think I'm close to halfway through but really there's no telling. There's this box thing on every level and touching it brings up a conversation with a treegirl where she can say useful stuff but mostly it's just nothing. My favorite from her so far is you bitch about having to read the same text over and over, she says that if that happens it's because you "suck" and that's why you "keep losing", and ends it with essentially "if you are reading this that means it's true."

What about you, anon?
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Replies: >>327
>>289 (OP) 
Nothing /vr/ related
Dreamcast PSU's are probably all starting to kick it now considering their age, I'd check and see if you could get something new dropped in instead and see if that helps.
Replies: >>330
Okay I'll look into that. Seeing positives and negatives about some aftermarket ones like DreamPSU. Might just try to find an old fashioned original PSU if I can to avoid fucking it up further, which I guess doesn't really matter at this point as it's dead.
Replies: >>331
Of you want something original you could try looking for a cap kit for the PSU in your system. A lot of the time the reason why they stop working is solely the capacitors themselves having given up the ghost. Not sure if they have them but console5 tends to have a shitton of cap kits for a bunch of different things. If you haven't done any soldering work before either you may also want to see if you can find someone to do that for you.

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Post your high scores with proof of some kind, gonna make a leaderboard thread and sticky it so you can know that your three letters are the best in town
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>sharp x1
Oh that's cool
I agree but people can only do so much and I don't want to hinder people's will to participate. Someone may not have a way to record video, for instance if someone went to an arcade and racked up a high score they could only really take a picture with likely their phone, or if someone is playing on real hardware and don't have a capture card. Video is still encouraged
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I did it guys, I beat my current record 

15880 on Donkey Kong 3 Dai Gyakushuu (emulator - xmil060a)

the video
Replies: >>320
Having never played this game I must ask, would it not be easier to get the highest score by simply staying on the first or second level? I see that you get no points for getting to the next level, and of course it becomes more difficult to stay alive the further you get. I understand why you'd be trying to get further level wise, if that's your highest score then that tells me that's the highest level you've gotten to so yeah I'd want to see the levels after that too. Just a curiosity really.
Replies: >>321
>would it not be easier to get the highest score by simply staying on the first or second level

The problem is that there is a limit on the wave of enemies that will spawn in every level, so when you kill every enemies you will go to the next level. 

>I'd want to see the levels after that too
watch this video then
Replies: >>322
>limit on the wave of enemies that will spawn
Oh okay
Nah I'll wait for the .wmv, thanks though.

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I've got the reverse-engineered version of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City. I was playing Grand Theft Auto III for a while, the reverse engineered copy seems great. I've got both games compiled in 64 bit, it seems most of the bugs are fixed and the config editing is much better (uses an ini file). I also got the Rockstar Classics collection for free when that was available, which includes GTA, GTAII, and Wild Metal. Haven't tried them.

Grand Theft Auto thread I guess. San Andreas isn't pre-4chan so I guess discussion of that is out.
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idk I think things like SA really fuck up when they try to add missions with sneaking around and shit, like manhunt or whatever. it just feels out of place, like SA has no idea what kind of game it's trying to be. so it just tacks on tons of mechanics while none of them are really enjoyable at all. nothing wrong with keeping the formula simple and focusing on a few things and being really good at those few things than tack on shit nobody asked for that end up feeling forced and not well polished and not much fun.

I would like to remind everyone that this is just my opinion and it's fine if you disagree so ffs don't get mad lol
Replies: >>257
You can say that about any GTA game. Missions have never been the strong point of the series. In fact I would play for weeks and weeks without even touching any of the story missions when the games used to come out.

Also git gud
Replies: >>258
>Missions have never been the strong point of the series
trust me I know, there really isn't a strong point of the series at all if I'm being entirely honest. but the missions specifically always feel like an afterthought that was kinda thrown together.

>Also git gud
what? I never said GTA was hard? GTA is piss easy
Replies: >>260
>there really isn't a strong point of the series
that's the end of talking to you
Replies: >>261
oh no someone has a different opinion than you time to completely shut down

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Castlevania: Resurrection for the Dreamcast has recently been resurrected.
Also, Castlevania and I guess Metroid too.
Replies: >>74
Ah yes. Castlevania. If anyone in the TES thread needs extra proof that RPGs used to be abysmal and have really gotten better with time for the most part, just remember Simon's Quest was actually liked when it came out and even received a lot of praise. When played now, it is often considered one of the worst games of all time and not even nostalgia goggles can help.

Standards for RPGs have come quite a long way.
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>>69 (OP) 
I just played part of this its a shame it got canceled it's actually pretty fun. I wish someone would finish it someday but I doubt that's every going to happen.

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diablo.jpg (u)
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Diablo thread, specifically 1, 2, and expansions.

Been playing Diablo 1 lately (with the hellfire expansion) and it's nothing short of impressive. It's one of the best-aged games I've ever played: the graphics, the dungeon crawling, it all still holds up today and has probably gotten better with time rather than worse considering much of the garbage that gets released now. It's one of those games that when you play it in current year, you become extra disgusted at all of the absolute trash that comes out now despite the fact that something like this existed over 2 decades ago and is still completely fun to play. This game is timeless, I don't foresee it ever not being fun.

There's a lot of clicking and stats that determine outcomes but it's not as egregious as classic elder scrolls and because you're not actually aiming and you're just clicking on enemies from an isometric perspective it does not feel bad at all. The dungeons are interesting and you find yourself wanting to keep going despite the sense of dread the atmosphere constantly gives you and knowing you could open a door and become overwhelmed instantly. Graphically gorgeous, Blizzard knew the graphical limitations of the era and pushed as hard as they could to make something that truly looks good at what it is per se and what it does, which makes it still attractive to look at today. There's some palette dithering in there but it didn't seem to get in their way of making the game look pretty. The dungeon layouts are different every time you play as I'm sure you already know, so this makes the game rather replayable.

There's a reverse-engineered version which allows the game to be run on practically any platform you can think of, and this game runs exceptionally well literally anywhere (even on raspberry pi). No real excuse not to play it. Pic related is a screenshot I took right before I opened that door, thinking I was doing pretty well and being proud of myself before getting fucked up by the butcher (first boss), kek.
Also if anyone else is doing well but suddenly gets buttfucked just go back to town and visit the shops and keep loading until they stock whatever the best weapon is for your class that you can get. For example I'm the monk so I specialize in non-magic staffs so all I did was go back to town, sell my shit, get rid of the falchion and shield I was using and replace it with a composite staff which seems to be the best I can buy at my level. I think it was 500 gold or something. Anyway beat him first try after that. If you ever start doing poorly it's probably due to equipment so just go back to town.

I'm enjoying this game enough that I will probably end up beating it. I don't see myself stopping soon.
Replies: >>73
diablo.jpg (u)
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fuck, forgot pic

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Morrowind and earlier.

I've never been the biggest Elder Scrolls fan and have felt that, in my personal opinion, Morrowind has aged poorly in a variety of ways that have really turned me off from playing it. However, there's been a decent amount of discussion in IRC lately about OpenMW:

I'm willing to potentially give it another try, OpenMW seems interesting and at the very least I will play just to see how quality OpenMW is. I will try to only mod the game to fix bugs (I usually only play Bethesda games with unofficial patches) but if that proves too miserable, I may cave and install some mods.

Discuss anything Elder Scrolls, I have never tried anything before Morrowind so I'm especially interested to hear any potential discussions of earlier titles to gauge whether or not I might like to try them.

Arena and Daggerfall are free:
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To remember the occasion
>missing roughly 95% of the time. I was laughing at the spectacle the entire time.
Morrowind heavily relies on Fatigue which scales all skills, so if you are 50% on Fatigue then you have much less chance of a hit then lets say on 75% or 90% Fatigue. You might install a mod that disables Fatigue consumption when sprinting. 

I don't like this mechanic either that its so heavily reliant on Fatigue for a real time action game.
Replies: >>66
That explains it. I was running back and forth to dodge his attacks. I'm still gonna pass on Morrowind though, I just don't think TES is for me. At least I was able to determine that OpenMW does seem to be a high-quality reimplementation to anyone who is interested in this game.
Replies: >>67
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>>66 (Checked)
I like OpenMW so far, I wish I would have played that game earlier it is actually for me not that bad despite it has some flaws here and there such as lack of missing description for certain skills, plants not changing their texture/model when it got looted, that fatique plays a big role and couple other things I have forgotten. 

Also in this game if your alchemy skill is average you can literally buy up all the cheapest ingredient and sell them for some shekels, I sold I think 12 restore fatique potion for 126gp at the alchemist dunmer.

What I do find in this game annoying though that at the beginning the walking speed is at fucking turtle speed which makes traveling to towns a chore because you often have to pause for the Fatigue bar to fill up.
Replies: >>68
>at the beginning the walking speed is at fucking turtle speed
Hahahahaha yes, fucking hell. First time I made the mistake of walking. When I restarted I took the silt strider.

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