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Questions that don't deserve their own thread
If you have a /tech/ related question that doesn't need a whole thread, post it in here.
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what will the future yield for the hare language? many anons seem interested but don't seem to expect it to reach mainstream significance for a while
dev says not to share but i find it worthwhile
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Honestly I don't know how much I can trust someone who uses jpeg on an image with a 2 color palette. https://harelang.org/mascot.jpg

Adds a bunch of ugly compression artifacts and actually makes the filesize bigger than if they had just used a lossless format. PNG related, it's way smaller and looks better.

I didn't make it past the rabbit.
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sorry anon, am schizo
didnt mean to bring a bad name to the language
please forgive me senpai
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>>34 meant for >>33
i am a mess
>am schizo
I can tell, I have no idea what you're talking about.
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which operating system to use?
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>>1 (OP) 
I'd like to buy a wok related Laptop with at least 6GB GPU and at least 16 GB of RAM, but so far every single purchasable option has been some cringy gamer computer with multicolored keys and unnecessary gizmos. I don't really care much about the price so long as I can run certain rather heavy/ bloated applications (think a stacked Matlab). Any suggestion?
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non cringe gamer laptop:
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Thanks. Is Lenovo reliable? Maybe it's just the area I live in being scummy but most Lenovo/HP/chinkshit brand laptops tend to die very early. What's the average lifespan for one of these?
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They are business machines and are reliable in my experience with a few E and T series laptops.
The "T" series are one of the more premium lineups. Magnesium reinforced chassis, spill resistant keyboard, spare parts generally available online for reasonable prices. For another option, check the X1 extreme models.
Also, look for reviews about the thermals, because I remember the first generation of that machine having poor thermal design. Unironically reddit r/thinkpad is a good resource for lenovo machines.
Lenovo shilling gets my seal of approval. Lenovo is not IBM, but the thinkpad machines are still pretty good and can last 5 years. My current T14 is solid and my crappy old e460 (~2016) still works. The worst thing that has ever happened was breaking a keyboard key and the clips securing it in place snapped, so it couldn't be pushed back in place. Bought a whole new keyboard from aliexpress for $30 and installed it myself without issue.
However, like most other laptop manufacturers, they seem to be soldering ssd/ram and making new machines harder to upgrade and work on. So before you dive in and spend $2k on something like >>77, check the PSREF service manuals https://psref.lenovo.com/ especially if you want a long term workhorse.
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>Lenovo is not IBM
You can say that again. Since the 4/5xx series they aren't built as tough. Older machines are like tanks. They are too outdated to have hardware like 16GB ram and 6GB GPU though.
RGB kiddie gamer laptops are actually good value for the hardware, get one of those unless you need to look professional in an office environment. Dell doesn't offer that level of GPU in the modern XPS 15 so you have to go for the "alienware".
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You mean x4x not 4xx. At least that's how it is until after the x9x when they adopted a simpler name scheme with just "generation x" added to the end.
This has become /tpg/ instead of qtddtot =)
lenovo more like LOLNOvo, don't buy shit from them unless it's the old thinkpads that can be librebooted, all of the new stuff is absolute trash
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