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Questions that don't deserve their own thread
If you have a /tech/ related question that doesn't need a whole thread, post it in here.
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Lenovo shilling gets my seal of approval. Lenovo is not IBM, but the thinkpad machines are still pretty good and can last 5 years. My current T14 is solid and my crappy old e460 (~2016) still works. The worst thing that has ever happened was breaking a keyboard key and the clips securing it in place snapped, so it couldn't be pushed back in place. Bought a whole new keyboard from aliexpress for $30 and installed it myself without issue.
However, like most other laptop manufacturers, they seem to be soldering ssd/ram and making new machines harder to upgrade and work on. So before you dive in and spend $2k on something like >>77, check the PSREF service manuals https://psref.lenovo.com/ especially if you want a long term workhorse.
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>Lenovo is not IBM
You can say that again. Since the 4/5xx series they aren't built as tough. Older machines are like tanks. They are too outdated to have hardware like 16GB ram and 6GB GPU though.
RGB kiddie gamer laptops are actually good value for the hardware, get one of those unless you need to look professional in an office environment. Dell doesn't offer that level of GPU in the modern XPS 15 so you have to go for the "alienware".
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You mean x4x not 4xx. At least that's how it is until after the x9x when they adopted a simpler name scheme with just "generation x" added to the end.
This has become /tpg/ instead of qtddtot =)
lenovo more like LOLNOvo, don't buy shit from them unless it's the old thinkpads that can be librebooted, all of the new stuff is absolute trash

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Welcome to /tech/, the board for discussion of technology and related topics.

/tech/ is a SFW board so please spoiler and keep NSFW content to a minimum.

Code block and inline monospace syntax is explained in the FAQ: https://fatchan.org/faq.html#post-styling
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Cheeky cunt.
Does Tom own /tech/ or is it some anon?

What is a nice theme to use for this board? I'm tired of the default themes.
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>Does Tom own /tech/ or is it some anon?
I'm not sure.
>What is a nice theme to use for this board? I'm tired of the default themes.
tom owns /tech/ but if you wanna make it active ill transfer the board.

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The BitChan beta just got released and is looking for people to try it out. It's a decentralized imageboard that runs on top of BitMessage. You can create and completely control your own public or private board, globally moderate as an owner, add admins who can also globally moderate, moderate your own instance locally as a user, upload literally anything with size limits theoretically up to 100gb. Uploads can be sent purely over BitMessage or you can choose to use a hosting service. Uploads that use hosting are subjected to heavy duty protection: every file is zipped, encrypted/password protected, the zip's header is removed and random chunks of the file are removed before being uploaded. The removed parts are hidden in the PGP encrypted message that's sent over BitMessage. Once the upload is received the zip is put back together again, decrypted, unzipped and displayed in the thread. 100% of BitChan traffic happens over tor. Private boards prevent posting from all but explicitly added IDs. The permitted ID list can be edited by the owner at any point to include new IDs or restrict old ones. On public boards any ID can post until it is banned, but because of how BitMessage works, you can always just make another ID. Communications on every board are PGP encrypted. This means that even if someone somehow guessed the board name on BitMessage (basically impossible for reasons I won't go into here), they would be unable to read anything without also having the BitChan PGP symmetric password. Owners can globally change CSS, banners and wordfilters. Owners can even wipe a board if they want. You can join and create as many boards as you want. There's also a prototype steganography thread running alongside of every normal thread. The steg thread shows decrypted steg from jpg/pngs. There are also public and private lists. Lists are just collections of links to boards or other lists. Owners can do much of the same moderation, CSS changes etc. as they can do on boards. They can be updated and edited after their creation. BitChan is fully dockerized so it is cross-OS compatible, but has only been tested with Ubuntu 20.04 and the most recent version of Whonix. I could go on about all the features (there's a lot more), but I just wanted to give you a taste. It's surprisingly fast for text only messages that total around 20kb or less and using hosting services for file attachments, taking usually only a few seconds to a minute depending on how many people are on your part of the BitMessage network.

Where is bitchan now?

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the desktop thread
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I like the second one more.
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excuse me, a winfag coming through...

story: i had much more fun using windows than linux. i get to play my old childhood games, be productive, and overall enjoy my time.
though i'm not going to lie, linux is more solid and versatile.
Replies: >>71 >>72 >>73
>that taskbar
going full mactard
why are you tripfagging
>multiples of every type of program (gimp, paint.net and photoshop, blender, maya and 3ds max, utorrent and qbittorrent)
>desktop as a home folder
This should be a felony

Curiously, there is no windows flag (or macOS for that matter). Only some linux and BSDs
No children in the wallpaper, nice.
One of those windows running pipes or cmatrix would be a cool gimmick to have going 24/7. But when I ran i3, I didn't see an obvious way to keep a window stickied in the background. So my desktop ended up quite boring.

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1. newsboat (cli): an rss/atom feed reader. (looking for a good alternative.)

2. transmission-daemon (cli): a bittorrent client for all your torrent management needs. along with transmission-remote, i recommend using its web-interface at localhost:9091.

3. nnn (cli): a very fast file manager. i haven't tried vifm, but it also seems like a good alternative, if you are willing to invest some time in getting familiar with the keybindings and doing a little bit of configuration.

4. links (cli, gui): an excellent web-browser with enough features. (there're good alternatives like w3m, elinks, lynx that i haven't tried yet.) (note that you can use it with transmission-cli to add torrents from sites like 1337x.to without the annoying popups and ads.)

5. youtube-dl (cli): a small software to download videos from a variety of streaming sites. you can use it in combination with mpv to stream videos with a minimum cpu usage.

6. gallery-dl (cli): a small software to download photos from a variety of sites. i think ripme is a good alternative. 

7. imv (cli): probably the best image viewer out there. a good alternative is feh.

8. tmux (cli): a terminal multiplexer. has a lot of features like tmux-resurrection that allows you to restore sessions (and programs) the way they were left even after shutting down your machine.

9. htop (cli): a good system monitor written in lua. better alternative than top.

10. misc: wget, curl, aria2, fzf, ueberzug, blender, gimp, inkscape, krita, vivaldi, firefox, freecad, qbittorrent, xclip, scrot, xbanish, unclutter, termite, st, xterm, instaloader, tuir, tiktok-scraper, blackbox, dwm, dmenu, surf, qutebrowser, xdman, 
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Replies: >>66
>>57 (OP) 
>better alternative than top
please explain why, because nice fancy colors dont count that much as as improvement to me

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--> Anon (faggot@tor.exit.node) has left #freenode (Killed (Spam is off-topic on Leenode))
bring back grove or fuck off

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the best operating systems. everything else is trash.
I like slackware and wish I could use it more often, but Microsoft Teams only runs on Debian-based distributions so I have to stick with that for now. Funny how computer science programs make you use retarded software.
void's been shit ever since the coup. dependency creep all over the dang place.

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looking books that talks about making system like this specifically
or something liek sega arcade stuffs (power drift, space harrier, air rescue, aqua jack so on etc) especially the physics model and how stuff sticks and not fall thru the floors despite the gaps between things and maybe lack of polygon meshes?

perhaps the behind the scene/making of logic…
hopefully includes several model/solutions of troubleshooting the same thing of why and whynots

Thank you!
what a funny face
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Here's a good start
Replies: >>56
>>55 sorry im past that, i guess your english isnt good enough for me

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greetings fatchan nice to meet you
refugee from friendster i hope you accept me and my very intelligent tech question gracias denada

so to start, how do i be great coder.
and have money and lots of
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Replies: >>69
Getting good takes effort. If you have money you should pay Indians to do the work for you instead.
Replies: >>49
>>48 how would i know it's a goodjob well done anyway?
Replies: >>50
no pink or red in the middle
good thread
>>46 (OP) 
>how do i be great coder.
Learn a programming language

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hello can pass me the pirate version of red hat

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