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What is the meta board?

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Hiya Tom

Did you know INSTALLATION.md is out of order? Anyway, barring that, you'll have to forgive me for asking such a noob question, but your sample configs (Step #6) don't have "/path/to/jschan"

Tbh it doesn't even mention where I'm cloning the repo to, I'd assumed the homedir for the user I created to handle the shit.

My index is kinda lookin jank, wanna draw me a map to where I fucked up?
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On the off (ok more like 75%)  chance it's Cloudflare fucking my shit, I'll have to look at that part again I guess.
Disregard this, I suck cocks.
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Well, I still suck cocks, but no CSS or captcha is loading.

PM2 is on, nginx -t shows no errors, and I've even gone as far as pausing Cloudflare and removing certbot/letsencrypt entirely.

I'm stumped.
>Did you know INSTALLATION.md is out of order?
Open an issue in gitgud if so.
>your sample configs (Step #6) don't have "/path/to/jschan"
/path/to/jschan is present in the example configs, e.g. https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan/-/blob/master/configs/nginx/snippets/jschan_common_routes.conf#L15
>it doesn't even mention where I'm cloning the repo to
There is no need, it can be anywhere provided correct permissions. Homedir or /var/www are suitable choices, though.

Probably your issues come from all instances of /path/to/jschan not being replaced in the nginx configuration files you copied as per INSTALLATION.md. Nginx then searches the wrong (or non-existing) folder for many files including css, which breaks many things.

Cloudflare requires additional changes. There are some resources linked in INSTALLATION.md that will help.

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Yeah, I'd gotten it figured out and made an issue clarifying things.

Had been bashing my head against the wall for 12 hours and didn't even think to look at the nginx logs until the day after and then the answer was right in my face.

Me again, can I just symlink a dir to path/to/install/css/themes to have a remote working directory? i wanna keep the installation itself clean
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Sure. gulp/res/css/themes is where the themes are before being minified and sent to staic/css or something.
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I took my existing .css file, edited any appropriate file paths, and plopped it in there, ran pm2 reload all && gulp and now the theme does appear in the global settings, it doesn't appear in user settings menu.
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Both just take a list of .css files from gulp/res/css/themes/*.css, maybe clear cache. or something else isnt right.
It's an old jank css made for KusabaX, so it could be that. It absolutely breaks when I set the theme in the board settings.

after gulp runs I can use the contents of the generated .css file as custom CSS in the settings menu so I'm just gonna do that for now. 

If you care enough to look, it's "tetris" in link. I'll probably just gulp the other stuff and use it as custom. if you don't trust sketchy archives on 5 day old boards, feel free to edit/delete this post.
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Yea KusabaX themes wont work anyway. Not sure if you looked into the theme files, but they are pretty simple. Most of it is just editing root variables for some colors. You are better off recreating the theme that way.
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God damnit tee

Thanks Tom, I'll have to look into that then.
I think there's a certain level of general knowledge/common sense regarding web software that is required before you run your own website. For example, the fact that there's no good reason why CSS made for completely different software that's probably nearing two decades old should fit like a glove on completely different software.

Locking because this has nothing to do with fatchan and very little at all to do with jschan.
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