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1. Global rules
2. Register an account 
3. Post in this thread, format:
''Board URI:'' /example/
''Board name:'' <name of the board>
''Board description:'' <25 words or less>
''I want it because:'' <your pathetic excuse for wanting a board>
''My registered account username is:'' <username>
''I have read and understand the global rules, and acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear weapons program.''

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Board URI: /shy/
Board name: Shy Anonymous
Board description: Доска для застенчивых одиноких людей без сети социальных связей (в том числе своего пола), друзей, тян, с отсутствующими навыками НЕФОРМАЛЬНОГО общения. Обсуждение связанных с этим проблем.
I want it because: Because I can and want
My registered account username is: anonymous1234
I have read and understand the global rules, and acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear weapons program.

where the fuck did /shy/ go?
Replies: >>1407 >>1408
>>1406 (OP) 
А ты кто?
>>1406 (OP) 
the BO deleted it
and nothing of value was lost.

ss.jpg (u)
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Thanks for fixing the onion mirror so quickly. Can you please use literally anything else besides TinEye for the Reverse feature on post images? It's total dogshit and gives 0 results for anything that isn't an unmodified stock image from some big site.
Replies: >>1397
I personally find the links for archiving and reverse image search are a bit unnecessary since you can easily do this yourself with an archiver and image search of your choice. With that being said
>Can you please use literally anything else besides TinEye
What do you suggest?
>gives 0 results for anything that isn't an unmodified stock image from some big site
This hasn't been my experience personally. Maybe you're just unlucky. For now you're better off just using whatever reverse image search you like best manually.
Replies: >>1394
((( Google )))'s isn't too bad, Yandex is excellent but misses some things on occasion, plus it might be a privacy concern. DuckDuckGo is an obvious choice but is a bit underpowered. Saucenao is of course out-of-this-world but only really works for anime and Internet artwork.
>This hasn't been my experience personally. Maybe you're just unlucky.
Likely, I've used it dozens of times and regretted bothering for every single one, the few time it gave more than zero results was totally unusable.
Replies: >>1395
I don't like speaking on tom's behalf, but I don't see him linking to something like jewgle, bing, or yandex. Duckduckgo is a fine search engine but it does not have a reverse image search. Tineye is the closest thing to "duckduckgo reverse image search" as tineye claims they respect your privacy, record little information about you, and delete that information after a period of 24 hours. This makes it somewhat similar to duckduckgo's claims of respecting privacy. As you've mentioned, saucenao focuses almost entirely on anime/manga style art and hentai. I personally think the links to archive.today and tineye are useless and should just be removed.

Ultimately I have no control over this and it's up to tom if he'd like to change it to yandex or jewgle or something.
>>1392 (OP) 
Tineye works well, and nothing compels me to change it. You didn't give a suggestion either.
add reverse image yandex, since yandex is the best reverse image web tool.

doodle39.png (u)
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happy (late) birthday fatchan, sorry nobody loves you enough to remember your birthday :(

this took forever, I have never spent this long on a drawing, I think I gave myself carpal tunnel lmfao, ow. thanks to irc, /rkgk/, and everyone else who made 2021 that much better for me
most ugliest shit i've ever seen.
gud pic budy

[Hide] (203.8KB, 1000x548) Reverse
Have I gone mental or did you change lain.css?
Looks right to me, try iwakura. Is that the theme you're thinking of?
Replies: >>1381
Oh yeah. Did you change the default from iwakura to lain? Looks good.
Replies: >>1382
Nope, the default used to be tomorrow2 and tom recently changed the default to adaptive. Adaptive I think used to switch between clear for light theme and lain for dark theme, but now it apparently switches between clear and tomorrow2. Iwakura has never been the default on fatchan.
Replies: >>1383
Oh yeah, that's right, thanks for the clarification. (So I AM going mental...)

36.jpg (u)
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Newfag here. Does fatchan have an archive similar to archived.moe or desuarchive for 4chan?
Replies: >>1369
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (117KB, 633x411) Reverse
>>1368 (OP) 
Fatchan is just this imageboard. I don't know any imageboard-specific archive website for it.
General purpose archives will work, for example archive.today. Boards can enable a link to archive threads with it.
Replies: >>1370
Okay. Thanks!
b058de5be95718bea4c60564a782e58266651ccff3eb9fbb86e8a23f119fa11b.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (19MB, 1080x2340, 00:07)
cool stuff bro but ill never use it but it works
Replies: >>1380
>ill never use it
lmao good play buddy but you can never make me switch the theme to dark on my phone hahaha

What are the criteria for a board becoming available for claim? My board hardly gets any traffic, so I do not often log in, but I still monitor it closely. Does this put it at risk of being given away or deleted? How often should one log in to maintain ownership of his board?
Thank you.
Replies: >>1330
>>1329 (OP) 
There is no regular claims process, but I was considering a cleanup soon. There will be a newspost and global announcement with reasonable notice before any account deletion or board forfeiture takes place. Logging into your account in that instance would be warranted, because I can see the last activity date and will delete inactive accounts.
Replies: >>1331 >>1339 >>1363
How long can a B.O. account remain untouched before its board(s) are forfeit?
Replies: >>1339
No limit, no automatic forfeiture, read >>1330
Replies: >>1342
Thank you, Tom.
Following up on >>1330, the cleanup I mentioned will happen 1st November. https://fatchan.org/news.html#615638fec8b906561ad92aee
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The changelog for 1.6 mentions fuzzy image hashes and making them visible to globals for filtering (where?) but how does it work exactly after you enable it in the global settings?
Replies: >>1362
ddff7d3831a4996371181f91884436e1fb3d3cf07550dcb4268831444258a453.png (u)
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>>1361 (OP) 
The string under the filename, shown in global recents when enabled. You can add the whole string (or even just parts of the string) to the filter list.

c48c42a72977669a3b2e9454344a206227aebb3d82812f57b7e7d55855b1e8d2.png (u)
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Hiya Tom

Did you know INSTALLATION.md is out of order? Anyway, barring that, you'll have to forgive me for asking such a noob question, but your sample configs (Step #6) don't have "/path/to/jschan"

Tbh it doesn't even mention where I'm cloning the repo to, I'd assumed the homedir for the user I created to handle the shit.

My index is kinda lookin jank, wanna draw me a map to where I fucked up?
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Both just take a list of .css files from gulp/res/css/themes/*.css, maybe clear cache. or something else isnt right.
It's an old jank css made for KusabaX, so it could be that. It absolutely breaks when I set the theme in the board settings.

after gulp runs I can use the contents of the generated .css file as custom CSS in the settings menu so I'm just gonna do that for now. 

If you care enough to look, it's "tetris" in link. I'll probably just gulp the other stuff and use it as custom. if you don't trust sketchy archives on 5 day old boards, feel free to edit/delete this post.
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Replies: >>1356
Yea KusabaX themes wont work anyway. Not sure if you looked into the theme files, but they are pretty simple. Most of it is just editing root variables for some colors. You are better off recreating the theme that way.
Replies: >>1357

God damnit tee

Thanks Tom, I'll have to look into that then.
I think there's a certain level of general knowledge/common sense regarding web software that is required before you run your own website. For example, the fact that there's no good reason why CSS made for completely different software that's probably nearing two decades old should fit like a glove on completely different software.

Locking because this has nothing to do with fatchan and very little at all to do with jschan.

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