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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

What is the meta board?

Git repository & issue tracker:
Go here to see the source code, report issues or ask relevant questions.

IRC: ( port 6697 TLS on)
Join IRC to chat directly with staff and other users in a realtime format.

Test board: >>>/test/
Test things on the /test/ board rather than here or anywhere else.
1. Global rules
2. Register an account 
3. Post in this thread, format:
''Board URI:'' /example/
''Board name:'' <name of the board>
''Board description:'' <25 words or less>
''I want it because:'' <your pathetic excuse for wanting a board>
''My registered account username is:'' <username>
''I have read and understand the global rules, and acknowledge the existence of the Israeli nuclear weapons program.''

where the fuck did /shy/ go?
Thanks for fixing the onion mirror so quickly. Can you please use literally anything else besides TinEye for the Reverse feature on post images? It's total dogshit and gives 0 results for anything that isn't an unmodified stock image from some big site.
happy (late) birthday fatchan, sorry nobody loves you enough to remember your birthday :(

this took forever, I have never spent this long on a drawing, I think I gave myself carpal tunnel lmfao, ow. thanks to irc, /rkgk/, and everyone else who made 2021 that much better for me
Have I gone mental or did you change lain.css?
Newfag here. Does fatchan have an archive similar to or desuarchive for 4chan?
What are the criteria for a board becoming available for claim? My board hardly gets any traffic, so I do not often log in, but I still monitor it closely. Does this put it at risk of being given away or deleted? How often should one log in to maintain ownership of his board?
Thank you.
The changelog for 1.6 mentions fuzzy image hashes and making them visible to globals for filtering (where?) but how does it work exactly after you enable it in the global settings?
Hiya Tom

Did you know is out of order? Anyway, barring that, you'll have to forgive me for asking such a noob question, but your sample configs (Step #6) don't have "/path/to/jschan"

Tbh it doesn't even mention where I'm cloning the repo to, I'd assumed the homedir for the user I created to handle the shit.

My index is kinda lookin jank, wanna draw me a map to where I fucked up?
is there board URI blacklisting in jschan?
hello, can someone make a shell script for easier installation?
For those lost in the dark
Denshi made a video on how to install jschan, step by step.

Admin note: The video is not perfect, but gives a good general guide. Always follow the official installation guide for the most up-to-date information.
per request I will dump some old art from fatchan/rkgk
some old screenshots during early dev of jschan

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