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Turned on air conditioner. Spider, on window curtain, freaked out and dropped down, and rode the airstream.
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>freaked out and dropped down
<got on the floor and did dinosaur

1621290302001.png (u)
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Y u deleting here and /rkgk/? Go "Account" and resign ownership. Someone else can claim the boards later.
519c25ded6c08149505b0d5cf27954514e4696d7005bfb3be447f31d0513c147.png (u)
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>it'll be deleted on the Fourth of July alongside /rkgk/
DpkJzRAW4AYzduX.png (u)
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based+real, how r u?

mental health retards.png (u)
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>sites are dead/gay
>not comfy
>find fatchan
>now comfy
thx fatchan Friends
Archibald_Willard_-_Sprit_of_76.jpeg (u)
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Hello. :^)
If you want it, it's yours. Otherwise it'll be deleted on the Fourth of July alongside /rkgk/.
e7692de34f747296106e1e543379c5831d38a9e620aa2d3e8070a340d6f8c4d2.png (u)
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why deleted?
c69cd4f01a546e0aff1d650b60223bc6bb5d8a2c21efc4b8ea9b7d37a8d2b0f9.jpg (u)
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im getting trolled? not colorblind, trees→faces→pinkie pie &repeat, nothing there? i have schizophrenia
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t. Bill S. Preston, Esquire
t. Ted "Theodore" Logan

1618361582192.jpg (u)
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supposed to learn coding
supposed to make stuff to sell
supposed to grow up

suddenly lost it yesterday
18df762941d56322dcfcfc6b85bb6e7113c648096d95c5c3eb07a0f544a9986b.jpg (u)
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Done nothing in life, just realized I've been over 30 for some time, and I'd already be dead in Logan's Run.
47d724800334e1a189732bb625ebf8714d7e5f8f682455ba79e3e8473806508d.png (u)
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I know a bit of coding and I lost my will again to make scripts.

Illegal_logging.jpg (u)
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>icup post on every board, good one dumbass
Not here. Small board's character limit defeats lazy adman. :^)

Callimico_goeldii_in_Venezuela.jpg (u)
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Spanking the monkey.

641ca4129168f56c377db70fa15be08e58dbc97d70932b123c88561d5e932daa.jpg (u)
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You sure have a big list of banners for such a small board
ted_danson.jpg (u)
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Anything that tickles my fancy. At 81 banners they will be squashed and squished into one, then begin again.
9ba3d2a58e6254685403b7cfbc302a1cf8e1a3af0e9df03a4d7b00910855ffc8.jpg (u)
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Why 81?
banners.png (u)
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Using only the slots for banners as storage, it'd use 97 out of 100 to reach 6561 banners combined into one.

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how to write/design rng/timer for a program

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