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444ad9c1aa8a080a482d42cbfe310ab7ecf7962237f35835617684598d7b103f.png (u)
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For when you whip something up that doesn't really deserve its own thread.

Gentlemen, I present to you: Vincent van Glow.
Replies: >>212
>I'm not glowing. I just spilled absinthe on myself.
Replies: >>52
5a0fe8050262fcd720bba82eb3bcba310610b69025934ac96fdd0e8abed44293.png (u)
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>when greentext on tomorrow theme is literally glowing in the dark
>my post is glowing this very second
cat.gif (u)
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[ Meows ]
4f925392f3f42ecf697860ab013b5cda2542b2f50a13dddbe70b376c4ea5bf01.png (u)
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I don't know why I get the urge to draw this stickman. Everything about it is so unbelievably uninspired. It's basically just a parody of what a little boy would draw. A little boy would only capable of drawing stickmen and he would only be concerned with things that are "cool" which are beyond stereotypical. Motorcycles, jetpacks, explosions, sunglasses, saying things like "dude" etc.

...But it's just fucking funny to draw for some reason. Every time I draw it I feel like it's saying something amusing about the fact that I'm a beginner, it's like it's a parody of my own abilities, but not only that, a parody of my style. I get a deep satisfaction out of drawing it for some reason. It amuses me.

I decided the only thing worse than making a terrible, uninspired "character" is to name it and give it a bio like all the autists do (basically going deviantart hedgehog edgy whatever). So that's exactly what I'm going to do. His name is "Chyeah Dude" due to the fact that that's practically all he knows how to say. His likes are being cool, sunglasses, explosions, being cool, motorcycles, being cool, jetpacks, saying "chyeah dude," fatchan, and I almost forgot being fucking cool, dude.

So there we go, I've finally went full fucking autist and made a character. The first, and probably the last.
Oh, almost forgot. Obligatory: original character, donut steel :^)

In actuality I think it would be fun to see other anons do stupid shit with this "character" who is practically a parody of characters, use him as a template or inspiration for your autism and share with everyone.
poo.png (u)
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Replies: >>82
lmfao, chyeah dude, nice.
4c2ff90db065f17b999d123d24f5c89314264d84604b5c072f3f9a8b2296a07c.png (u)
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Here's an awful breaking bad meme that I deserve to be slapped for making. Enjoy.
piss.gif (u)
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Replies: >>115
dainty.gif (u)
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Is that gene simmons? lol
Replies: >>116
It was a random guy, the PISS shirt an afterthought, but now I see I unconsciously drew Gene Simmons.
9d6620202ab2e7e14fae5a7f065b8209875738c7506eb0fa05d321758b1db1d1.png (u)
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This one came out pretty adorable imo, I don't know why but it's so wholesome and cute.
Replies: >>121
give him a hat that says "FOG"
Replies: >>122
doodle19.png (u)
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Why didn't I think of that? That's pretty good. Sorry it's a bit lazy, it's more difficult to work things in after the fact and have it look right.
Replies: >>124
it needs to be CAPSLOCK FOG tyvm
Replies: >>126
1617938809845.png (u)
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now I'm listening to foghat drinkin beers
Replies: >>126
doodle19.png (u)
[Hide] (42.2KB, 900x1368)
Okay, last edit, I'm giving this one a break now. Made a couple other minor improvements too.
Nice, have fun!
Replies: >>127
d4bc53d00ceab05420870cccf9bb609c321019dba209c8bb86a4beb599504c37.png (u)
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Claude from Grand Theft Auto III.
pnf.gif (u)
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pony.gif (u)
[Hide] (7.1KB, 640x480)
[ Whinnies ]
knuckles.gif (u)
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Well you've been on a roll, haven't you?
Replies: >>153
bart.gif (u)
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The power of no sleep.
d3abaf78f683de35ab622745f5b7968263786317b5b29b83145531a7cdd90e44.png (u)
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Replies: >>155
oh well LA DE DAH mr "ah vant guard-e" art man
Replies: >>156 >>158
>art man
I will take this post a compliment, I'm glad you think so highly me and it.
I accidentally a word. *highly of me
you.gif (u)
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sk8.gif (u)
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9050ecb47efcc771898ad9e7ef979d57b85ae4c91bc26ed2580fd9eefb9beed3.png (u)
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1f842e2fd89032f0d18bdf27627172169ac184ac3868199849d376aaa465153d.png (u)
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Replies: >>166
233e1ddc151c8e022d435dfbf89d5bb2e0f75ca853db9e69642334432c099b22.png (u)
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im likin these artfag doodles keep it up
Replies: >>164
c1076f12558d69b2b54a8aef4f433fb6ae9181c96e4004eafa4ca8bbab5177fa.png (u)
[Hide] (13.4KB, 900x1368)
That's something I never expected. Here's another one since you're liking it. I pretty much only expected people to call them unnecessarily pretentious for my skill level. Basically I expected people to say that I'm not good enough at drawing to warrant trying to draw things with meaning behind them, basically I'm no artist and therefore I don't really have the credibility to try to make things "symbolic."

This picture admittedly probably has the least meaning out of my 5 recent doodles. All 5 of these have a deeper meaning behind them though, they're not just meaningless pictures I did for fun. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse. Think of them all as little picture metaphors or something. I personally don't think I'm being pretentious because I don't think of what I'm making as some amazing high art that's 2deep4u or something. Basically what inspired this shit is that I've been having a pretty bad past couple of days and decided to try to express myself through drawing because I've never done that before. These ideas all came to me in moments of being extremely upset.

I could explain what they all mean if someone is ever actually, genuinely curious. However I'd rather hear people speculate what they think it means or say what it means to them, because that could start some interesting discussion.
Replies: >>165 >>166
stop talking lol no offense but really
i mean i like talking to you and stuff bro but when it comes to meaningful art that you're making and stuff just let it speak for itself. holds more power and meaning that way. im one to try and ignore things like what you just posted but really you've just quantified your art and for no reason. im sure there's a reason for you to express that but really
stop talking about it
maybe write a poem or something idfk but please don't explain your art, the cause of it, or the meaning behind it. i already knew you were having a bad time, i can see that with my eyes, i don't need to read that 
really not trying to be an asshole with this post but im not one to be gentle with my words, hope you aren't offended love you bro
Replies: >>167
umbrellas.gif (u)
[Hide] (57.2KB, 640x480)
Cool. Looks like you're becoming more accustomed to drawing. No need to go crazy worrying about tangents, but you could try to avoid forming a long line by having one line run into another. Although the umbrella's rib and tube aren't perfectly aligned, they could use a little more separation; doesn't have to be centered as in my example. Something to keep in mind for future drawings.

I'm not into symbolism due to its vagueness and its modern bastardization, but an eye holding an umbrella under drops of blood is cool, with or without symbolic meaning. Hope life gets better.
Replies: >>167 >>176
Lmfao, what? Yes I am discussing my drawings on a board where I post drawings. No, I didn't explain them. I don't know what's going on but I don't think I've done anything outlandish

>write a poem
ok sure

damn, haikus are shit
seven syllables this line
fuck i am out of

Yeah I'm probably hitting a point that I could read or watch things to give myself a better eye for details, which would probably help my general aesthetics. I also don't spend too much time per drawing, there is a level of effort that I'm not reaching which I probably could if I spent more time. If things keep up I can see myself going that route, at least a little. I'd still probably enjoy cranking out things that take less time though.

>I'm not into symbolism
Yeah I've never liked it either, I guess it just seemed preferable to try to express myself symbolically through some drawings than go somewhere else and whine or something. I never expected this out of myself but I never expected myself to draw either.

>Hope life gets better.
Replies: >>171
3b42c994e6395d712b8edb174b7dc42ddba7b94e0f3a4e00cfc3eb2296a7970c.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 900x1368, 00:52)
alright i was nice about it if you can't pick up what i put down then that's that artfag
Replies: >>172
I'm not sure what you're going off about but you should probably just ease up, you're taking this more seriously than me or anyone else is.
Replies: >>174
sorry bro
Replies: >>175
f63654b91c8332b55ee9efdb6f67f1c7e345c54820cca801136d34852eb8e000.png (u)
[Hide] (28.5KB, 900x1368)
Don't sweat it. For the record I think I understand what you were saying. I think you personally prefer to infer meaning yourself. As you said, "let it speak for itself," but I'm not sure what I draw warrants that because I'm not very good. Also, symbolism is especially bad at speaking for itself, unlike literal imagery. For example, the one image I posted: another anon summed it up as "an eye holding an umbrella under drops of blood" which is correct, that is quite literally what it is, but that's often all a person can reasonably grasp if they take the drawing at face value. The symbolism and what it meant to me when I drew it was lost underneath what the image is per se.

I appreciate that you enjoy my doodles (I really do, I'm glad that the shit I make can be enjoyed by others). I can see the appeal in not knowing what something means I suppose, but I'm also open to sharing if anyone ever asks. I think it would be kinda dumb to keep it a secret if anyone actually cared enough to want to know the meanings. I also enjoy discussion and I don't want limit myself on what I discuss. If I ever say what they mean I could spoiler it though if you prefer not to know.
reminds me of yume nikki
5b6b6e34f21ca09a2ec40b543d62691e3ccd05f9e0c23706f820ffaa8f3243ee.png (u)
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you only get the version I like better because of file limits
7fcbafec8994a158ac730c790ddd702576156abc35e635f22a300eb6e504779c.png (u)
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24d9bfcbe56443365301a1694e7986527b767d99c7bfeff4b7e06713fdf07f5f.png (u)
[Hide] (63.1KB, 900x1368)
What happened to fatchan IRC during the memory upgrade? So far there are some competing theories. The first is zeus theory, that tom shot lightning out of his hands and fried it. The second is cum theory; tom upon opening up the server and seeing the perfect green allure of PCBs, started feeling a bit hot and couldn't hold back. What do you believe?
Replies: >>180
shockedlol.gif (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 295x216)
>Tom hot glues RAM sticks 
he will become the new tile anon, calling it now.
guruntah hiromano.png (u)
[Hide] (38.9KB, 800x600)
made some shit.
gunthur hurdman.png (u)
[Hide] (51.3KB, 800x640)
more doodles from draw threda, holy shit does Pinta lag like a motherfucker for some stupid reason I thought it was supposed to be a simple painting program, I made another attempt with Krita and it didn't lagged like crap but it has some shitty controls compared to Pinta and Gimp which I am not comfortable with.
Replies: >>186
You already heard this from me in IRC but to anyone else who is reading, don't install Pinta. It's broken and terrible and shit. No matter the OS it's unstable and broken and not worth using at all for anything, especially not drawing. I find it funny that there's a disease named pinta. That's all you need to know. Avoid pinta like a disease. Krita on the other hand, as you mentioned in your post, seems to be the most popular FOSS drawing tool (to my knowledge) so I'd think it's decent quality. Having never tried it, I'm not actually sure that it's good, so take my opinion as total bullshit realistically.

Also if you want to talk software and hardware I made a thread here: >>23

If you have any insights or questions or anything at all, pls contribute.
78a4aba4e8755abf4376ecbbe31b0a06bf2fbcf80eb09b346bf654cb8b35b1ba.png (u)
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To whichever one of you faggots has been uploading my shit doodles to ourobooru, I'm rather amused. your choice in which ones to upload is interesting to say the least
Replies: >>203
lawl penis x-D
Replies: >>207
bro ill take this board are you still trying to kill it pls dont but ill take it if you are
a127ed04135bd889b599446a478292a38d237be4ccc68bcda615d4d24d1f0913.png (u)
[Hide] (47.5KB, 900x1368)
also just realized I made a typo god damn it

wot the fuck's an ouro anyway
Replies: >>209
ouroboros is the snake that eats its tail and represents things like infinite cycles and reincarnation
Replies: >>211
oh, then that's quite the clever pun
>>45 (OP) 
What software are you using? Your lines are so smooth and sexy, how do you get them like that.
Replies: >>213
>Your lines are so smooth and sexy, how do you get them like that.
They're really not that great, there's a good amount of hand-shake and imperfection in them, but thank you.

My setup is a cheap android tablet I got for about the price of a cheap t-shirt (I strongly advise anyone new to digital doodling to go this route, because it is extremely cost-friendly) running a custom ROM. This is my paint tool: https://github.com/Catrobat/Paintroid It's FOSS and there's no need for google play or anything. It's on F-Droid if you wish to use that. Stylus is an incredibly cheap phone stylus that I plan on upgrading to something better. I turned on hardware acceleration in developer settings and since then, I now get a better refresh rate when drawing which has actually helped my art get a little better. Eventual plan is to try to get a low budget tablet for my PC and start learning SAI.
Replies: >>214
CLIP is better than SAI and I can tell by the way you draw that you would like its brushes better.
Replies: >>215
Right now I only use one brush but sure, I can try clip studio. I actually downloaded a pirated copy of it a while ago to try out. I'm sure I'd try others too.
5feaa2173cee8e951b68a0f92d462229ae1f0d8497477db1ac0344c87371c4ee.png (u)
[Hide] (31.7KB, 900x1368)
here's a dumb doodle I made a while ago and forgot to upload. I haven't really been interested in drawing lately. I don't have any ideas on what I'd like to draw.

here's a tripcode that I will probably never really use unless I feel it's important to verify for some reason.
4a76239c118d67593a21988bc67e5c397d96402ff497311f5d36bad69ec6e726.png (u)
[Hide] (38.3KB, 900x1368)
had a stupid idea for a drawing a few days ago and finally mustered up the motivation to doodle it. it's an anime fig, get it? hurr hurr hurr
Fugger1.png (u)
[Hide] (569.3KB, 800x640)
The soldier didn't really turned out what I had quite in mind, oh well. Maybe next time I'll try it better. Though I spend quite a bit on time trying to correct colors everytime I try to use the bucket tool to save me painting the other parts.
Replies: >>265
not bad, easily the best one of what you've posted
Replies: >>266
kot finger petting.gif (u)
[Hide] (489.2KB, 220x207)
You mean it looks better than my poor attempt at Gunther Herman? Thanks.
Replies: >>267
yep, as well as your first drawing of the soldier from profile view
Replies: >>268
Yeah admittedly my first soldier drawing here was poorly rushed, when I look back at it looks like a poor simpson knock off to me somehow. I need to find more excuses to draw more doodles or something so that I use krita more often.
Replies: >>269
>was poorly rushed
All of mine are done in under an hour, knocking out drawings quickly isn't a bad thing. but I assume you wanted it to be higher quality/you had higher expectations for yourself, which is also fine.

>I need to find more excuses to draw
just do it if you feel like it, that's what I do. this board is about having fun and sharing, not about pressure. quickly and poorly drawn crap (like my stuff) still has its merits if someone can get some kind of enjoyment out of it, like if I enjoyed making it even though it's crap, or if it can make someone laugh, etc.
Replies: >>270
kot depress.jpg (u)
[Hide] (46.6KB, 494x494)
>All of mine are done in under an hour, knocking out drawings quickly isn't a bad thing. but I assume you wanted it to be higher quality/you had higher expectations for yourself, which is also fine.
I manage to make things slightly more detailed on paper when I draw it that way though I have no idea where the hell I have put those drawings away in my room, that's why I was a bit more critical of myself.  

>just do it if you feel like it, that's what I do. this board is about having fun and sharing, not about pressure. 
Hmm that's a fair point, it's just that I procrastinate a lot and get nothing done with my other stuff so I often forget that doodling is a thing that I could do to pass away time instead.
MCV.png (u)
[Hide] (670.5KB, 1024x768)
new drawing
Replies: >>308 >>310
I like that you actually try to draw 3d perspective.
Replies: >>309
Thanks, the vehicle didn't looked too complex so I went for that. I need to find out a better drawing process because for this when I drawed the lines I often end up overlapping the lines with the other which is annoying and on top of that I used a smooth brush instead of hard brush which made bucket fill annoying as I often had to fill in the pixel blanks manually and setting the fill scaler to 1px made it even a bigger mess.
this drawing relaxes me
Replies: >>311
Weregarumon.png (u)
[Hide] (315.6KB, 783x1008)
Thanks, I didn't know before that a mobile construction vehicle is soothing to look at. This time I "copied" (for a lack of better term) a furfag drawing, mainly to see how good I'm at eyeballing. The most difficult part was trying to draw the "wings" because the chink tablet I'm using has a shit delay which makes it annoying to do the finer detail.
Replies: >>324
ec23f54d19f993e90d6da5b1edb398a29b09bd9ed3beea226ad187a301c747a0.png (u)
[Hide] (124.4KB, 900x1368)
i'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

posted this pic on /t/ to celebrate a year of fatchan revival. damn near killed my hand drawing this, i have never spent more time on a drawing. this is done with a new stylus, i can say for sure that if you're gonna draw and want to have fun, invest in styluses. the fine detail was super hard even with the new stylus, but would have been impossible without it.

it's been a lot of fun watching myself naturally improve with time. i think i've hit the limits of the software i currently use. before long, i'm probably going to hit the limits of the medium i've chosen as well (a cheap tablet with an awful touch screen not made for drawing)

i hope i can motivate others to draw. anyone can do it. DON'T GIVE UP.

expect more out of me as soon as my hand stops hurting so fucking bad.
Replies: >>326
oh there s people here? i have a batman joker story idea but honestly why do a successful brand, when you are not getting paid for it? Ha!
Replies: >>325
oh wait it is actually 3 weeks ago
Replies: >>325
Looks pretty cool, and I like the fish reference you added haha.
17f19438619e14f5a63c9cb1462c746c68d25d8d5f922f86efdccd3c8e825a32.png (u)
[Hide] (127.9KB, 900x1368)
for this pic i tried to be fast and use undo as little as possible. there's almost no redoing in pic related. took roughly 25 minutes. that's pretty fast for me tbh, most stuff I do takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

hope you guys like gondola, i thought it was a nice, wholesome idea.
Replies: >>328
good job, not bad for 25 mins of doodling.
Replies: >>329
thanks. pretty much everything there is first try. i used undo once on one of gondola's legs and i used undo once on the sun once. don't remember using it anywhere else.
0d6c012c10ac4ddfb90ed2fdf6ee0539c56d9baf4f77f640ce454597fe7072c6.png (u)
[Hide] (70.9KB, 900x1368)
thought up of this idea and drew it real fast. this marks the first time that chyeah dude is not a stickman.
Replies: >>334 >>336
at this rate /rkgk/ will have a reaction image for everything tbh
Replies: >>335
definitely, if I can help it
4e143732c83a218edfbe287ce8f7a8163b31beb2d8fe3af20d153d0a62728fb7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (91.7KB, 892x1024)
And his name is.
chyeah "Prep the bull, get the bullet" dude
chyeah "cucks are begging, cucks get bagged" dude
chyeah "Fap to Netorare, Get the Zap" dude
chyeah "Lead treatment for nigger lovers" dude
chyeah "Pure Girls for loyal men" dude
Replies: >>337
c864aa0c138401892deeb7b5dbb940ecdf4e6fae5d7039863ede935e08140b44.png (u)
[Hide] (21.3KB, 900x1368)
chyeah "a nightmare on cuck street" dude
chyeah "tonight indeed all cucks will bleed" dude
chyeah "cucks fall down when I'm in town" dude
chyeah "suck a bull's cock and get the glock" dude
chyeah "bullets fly, cuckolds die" dude
chyeah "20 cucks under my truck" dude
chyeah "if you like NTR you'll get sniped from afar" dude
chyeah "bull in your bed? eat some lead" dude
chyeah "embrace monogamy or get a bullet lobotomy" dude
Replies: >>339
ce41a90b9bc5cc417bcc46c5733c134a47a685a5128f8eea0ea01395170e7a7d.png (u)
[Hide] (34.8KB, 900x1368)
I'm fucking retarded and forgot some gun anatomy. that's what happens when you do an image in a hurry, like 10-15 minutes. technically speaking, an external hammer is not necessary on semi-automatic pistols. some pistols have it, others don't. I decided to add one anyway. however, what is absolutely necessary on a gun is a trigger, which I forgot because i'm dumb.

also decided to add some blood while I was at it. here's the fixed version of chyeah "cucks hit the ground when I fire rounds" dude.
Replies: >>339
Yuri 1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (43.7KB, 379x463)
What if chyea pistol trigger is controlled from his mind? 
>also decided to add some blood while I was at it.
Going postal.
Replies: >>340
>What if chyea pistol trigger is controlled from his mind? 
chyeah "using telekinesis to blow cuckolds to pieces" dude

I can do this all day, kek
ec44f42c449ff0f4cabf0e59c771fe19359f60b87d444d57b015bf4a955c49ae.png (u)
[Hide] (49.6KB, 900x1368)
doing one last version, v3. i fixed the sunglasses since they were really bad, and i added some bodies. what started as a rushed drawing that was very incomplete now finally feels done. watching the image slowly progress provides some insight into how i draw: i usually have an idea and then keep adding to it and fixing it until I think it's "good enough" for me. next drawing will be new, no more edits of this one
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