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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

Rules and information can be found by clicking here. Have fun!

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I'm giving out free doodles, request anything and I will draw it (extremely poorly).

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yeah draw Nemesis the Warlock playing a commodore c64 with a easel/paint stuff around with some pizza boxes and pizza but he's streaming as a vtuber anime grill with a few smol figurines or something and put an anime on his wall or maybe the tiny things can be tiny animes and put a poster of rules on the wall and make the computer he's streaming on really cool or whatever would work for /tech/
and some random stuff too that would be cool
Replies: >>7
and make him FAT
Replies: >>7 >>8
4366d9e2e19833f6570e89a68dcaf57c57d95e8a2b7e61a1da07b5f08ee18e3c.png (u)
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What the fuck?
Replies: >>8 >>10 >>26
<makes him pregnant
Replies: >>9 >>11
To be fair I made it very clear it would be bad, and also if you request a ton of shit it will probably make the quality go down even further.
you could work on your kerning otherwise 10/10
It's the Day of Fools, draw a jester doing something foolish.

Maybe he vored your mom, he is a furry after all, and pizza is the second course.
Replies: >>12
6178f841031dbe5298510c086a6519b97bd35a16741162b0fc32d92a80327e9a.png (u)
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king.png (u)
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Replies: >>15
Draw Vincent van Gogh. Include a background, based on either the portrait you chose to reference or one of his other paintings (not Starry Night).
Replies: >>17
94f0e8b235e6833fb0132b048d0c3726c496f37ce18460309b4f998409ab5d6f.png (u)
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The whole time I was scribbling this I really wanted to take artistic liberties and put him in a CIA uniform and make "Vincent Van Glow" but I kept it true to the portrait I referenced.
>>4 (OP) 
Draw these guys preparing to breach a transparent door - with some blackout drunk guy in a balaclava and with an AK47 next to him on the other side.
Replies: >>26
doodle5.png (u)
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This one took a while, took about as long as >>7 did, so I hope you like it. I really had no clue what I was doing. Could have been a little lazier, but I did get pretty lazy at the end.
Replies: >>27
I liked it, bud. Was nice. I wanted one with the blackout drunk guy on the inside of the door, there's a reason I said I wanted it to be transparent, but this is nice. Thanks, man.
Replies: >>29
doodle6.png (u)
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> I wanted one with the blackout drunk guy on the inside of the door, there's a reason I said I wanted it to be transparent
Well shit. Sorry, I guess I didn't or don't really understand the request. I was bound to fuck up eventually tbh. If you feel like trying to explain the request again I could probably give it another try soon, maybe after doing a different doodle or two.
Draw Foeksia de Miniheks stealing a grape.
Replies: >>39
doodle8.png (u)
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This is becoming more natural feeling for me. I make less errors now and undo less. It's fun to improve, especially since I never expected this to become a hobby of mine.

Thanks for the request, had fun doodling it!
shitballs.png (u)
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solde wit wepon
Replies: >>46
Good to see you here.
Draw me, sleeping.
Replies: >>58 >>59
45f0b79e0422aa5102403c2fce69ef90a5f2b4ba13b32eade753092aafc96fe4.png (u)
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>Draw me
Oh this was such a bad idea. As soon as I read this I immediately began laughing my ass off thinking about all the ways I could bully you. I'm so sorry, please forgive me.
4a2665e048accd905cfe7f3007981475a6030fdd481ee106396fa9606ba8e595.png (u)
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Honestly I feel bad about bullying you that hard, lmfao. Here, I made one with you wearing sunglasses and being cool and dreaming about explosions.
Draw Captain Olimar with some Pikmin.
Replies: >>74
Am I taking requests from the same person?
Replies: >>72 >>73
I did the first request and no others also once again I'm real please with it, thank you.
Replies: >>74
Such is the curse of a low population board. You've done four requests for me, the BO, and two requests for others. My intent wasn't to bogart all the free doodles, I only wanted to see more from you. I'll stop if you want requests from others or to spend time on your own ideas.
Replies: >>74
a022c3ff34abef0026f4053b6713e52b8ab71dc90210621db1867fd186cfdee6.png (u)
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Lost my stylus there for a second. Thankfully I found it. Pikmin is cute. I almost feel bad about butchering it with shitty art. Almost.

I kinda had a feeling there was a bit of samefagging. What gave it away was the low level of feedback. It's mostly just a request, a doodle, and silence. This isn't necessarily a problem (I haven't specifically asked for feedback or anything) but I assumed by now I'd have generated more discourse ITT than this, so it just seemed a little strange to see very little.

>My intent wasn't to bogart all the free doodles
Yeah don't worry, I wasn't thinking that. I know this site is small, at least for now.

>I only wanted to see more from you
Oh you <3

My hope is that other people aren't shying away from requests if they see that I have a request on my plate already. If you have not requested anything at all, and you would like something made, feel free to drop a request (even if someone else has already requested something). For samefags, I suppose what I ask is for you to be courteous and exercise good judgement: if you see someone else making a request, and I have already drawn something for you, please be nice and let me get to others. If there's not much happening on this board (like currently) I don't think it's a problem to samefag, especially if it doesn't seem like anyone is requesting anything. I'm not mad about it or anything. I realize this site and board is low population at the moment so samefagging isn't something I'm upset about.

Also, on a more personal note, it's not required at all but some kind of feedback would be nice. Even just knowing that the requester saw the completed doodle would be nice to see. I'm not fishing for compliments either btw, critique and advice (or even banter) is fine if you want to post that. Dead silence is a little depressing though, so please just don't be shy. I'm here to talk with people.

Sorry for tl;dr
Replies: >>77
On the contrary, I think Pikmin is very suited to your current skill level.

From now on, just assume it's me if there's no feedback. Even if it's not me, rest assured I'm here, silently enjoying everyone's doodles; unless I'm dead. I typically don't have much to say about things. As an example, I'm not one to have in-depth discussions about movies, despite watching so many. I either like something or I don't. "Thanks, I like it" after every request would've had you thinking you were interacting with a bot. Sorry I can't be bothered to reply sometimes. I'm fast at typing, but slow at everything else, including thinking of words. Some of my replies in >>23 took several hours. You've dragged more words out of my head in a few days than I typically express in a given year.
Replies: >>81
Bob Ross painting a picture of himself lynching five niggers while six niggers are being lynched in the background
Replies: >>81
Replies: >>81
c5154263b32c53c6d60c5c1d417ce304164cddcef7e655b81cc5dc4af50c7531.png (u)
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Bit of a complex drawing, hope you don't mind some cut corners. I have lived to see myself drawing fat Bob Ross lynching fat niggers. I don't really know what to say about that.

>On the contrary, I think Pikmin is very suited to your current skill level.
I've been laughing my ass off at this for like 10 minutes. I don't know what that's supposed to mean, I don't think you're trying for bants but it almost sounds like you're trashing me or Pikmin or both in a very indirect manner. Fucking dying over here and I don't know why, my fucking sides.

>Some of my replies in >>23 took several hours. You've dragged more words out of my head in a few days than I typically express in a given year.
Well damn. Not much for talk, eh?
Replies: >>83 >>85 >>86 >>112
fucking saved
moon_man-thank_you.webm (u)
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Haha, now I see how it could be interpreted that way. I forgot to mention I really like it. The simple nature of the drawing compliments the spirit of Pikmin, my memories of it. Simple things have a charm all their own that can surpass "better" things.
Replies: >>90
Yeah I get that. I get it completely. It's why I don't mind being shit and being a beginner. Because I'm actually having fun. Like many other things, when you first start it's really fun even if you suck at it. After a while, if you start getting good, it can become this sort of tryhard thing and then it loses all of its fun and charm. I don't actually mind getting better at art and I suppose I don't even mind getting good at it (doubt it'll happen though) but whatever happens, I hope that it never becomes one of those tryhard things for me because that often completely ruins the fun in things. Even if I progressed to a point that I could make art like Van Gogh, I'd much rather embody the spirit of a carefree child drawing stickmen and explosions rather than cut my ear off and kill myself.
Replies: >>91
There's a theory that Vincent was accidentally shot. We'll never know what really happened, but a shot to the abdomen is a strange suicide method.
Replies: >>92
>but a shot to the abdomen is a strange suicide method

Debating whether I let myself improve naturally with time or if I actually seek out some drawing/art tutorials now that I've been drawing for a few days. If I seek out tutorials I will try to promise myself to always let this just be for fun. In fact I think I will only seek out tutorials if I really want to, if I think that seems enjoyable. Don't know why I'm so terrified that I will grow to dislike doodling, I just am
Replies: >>99
There's so much material online, try not to become paralyzed by information overload. I collected lots of material over the years, books and real photographs for reference; I never used any of it, now it's deleted. Maybe I'll get some books again, after drawing is more of a habitual activity. As you don't want to become tryhard, maybe look for simple styles that appeal to you and learn from them: posters of Toulouse-Lautrec, Franco-Belgian comics, or whatever.
Replies: >>100
I wasn't thinking about doing that, I was thinking of watching videos. I prefer it to reading. I think videos have the ability to teach better than text most of the time.

>styles that appeal to you
Anime, kek. As much 2D as I fap to I'd be lying if I said the style didn't appeal to me. I'll never get to that level though so it doesn't really matter. I don't want to anyway, that sounds more like a chore than a fun little hobby.
Replies: >>108
I don't watch anime, did in the past. I do still like the art though. You could look for the simpler styles within anime. But yeah, effort is hard.
take me to church.mp4 (u)
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oy found a better vidya
requests are over due to lack of motivation (and also lack of requests). someone else is free to hijack the thread if they want. trip for verification
art_lol.png (u)
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Consider this thread hijacked. Make a request, and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.
Replies: >>255
deleted a bunch of recent posts, quit sperging out and derailing the thread. you have chosen to get upset on a doodle board in a thread where people generously take requests for free; I want you to think about just how retarded that is. if you people can't relax and not sperg out I'm adding a new rule.

continue as normal
armcom and his bois.jpeg (u)
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Draw Arm Commander eating soup, tired.
Replies: >>258
chyeah_dude.png (u)
[Hide] (691.6KB, 1192x1080)
>>4 (OP) 
Your request was deleted, but I didn't forget. Enjoy. :)
Replies: >>259 >>262
armcommandersoup.png (u)
[Hide] (155.7KB, 1192x1080)
Here you are. I haven't heard of this character before.
Replies: >>260
>request was deleted
was on accident, I selected like 12 or so posts and hit delete, accidentally nuked the request :(
lovely work by the way, the chyeah dude is insane, and is nostalgically cheesy like some early 2000s parody of a monster/alien flick. great stuff!
7cea978245958bb640927bfc056fbe9b9dfe8469d030ecdd206440b9bd8062b6.gif (u)
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Nice job m8.
willing to take a... break from my break (wew) to fill a request for you if you have one because I think you definitely deserve one. as per the usual, it won't be good :^)
Replies: >>271
Have a bit more faith in yourself, my boy! Can you draw me a goblin holding a magic wand, please? The goblin is awestruck as the wand glows.
Replies: >>276
f07b08f403ea3c71ab429d5e975b9d6ff83e2b550cd364077afbb6d4078194fc.png (u)
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what_i_use_pic_related.jpg (u)
[Hide] (143.9KB, 1000x1000)
>Have a bit more faith in yourself, my boy!
lol they're shit though, it's not even a lack of faith in myself, it's just me not being deluded into thinking I make anything other than shitposts in png format. I have great faith in myself to make garbage. anyway, here's the goblin. I went off what I remembered a goblin looking like in elder scrolls (there are no wands in elder scrolls but they do have magic staffs) and ended up accidentally making goblin soyjak and laughing for about a minute straight. that one actually was fun to draw for a variety of reasons and gave me some enthusiasm for drawing at a time where I'm basically not motivated to do anything at all.

however, with all of that being said, I refuse to draw literally anything else now until I get a new stylus (see pic 2 to see the shit I'm using). I know that a bad artist (I don't consider myself an artist btw) blames his tools rather than himself. However, at the same time, we do not expect a painter to make a portrait using a paint roller. we do not expect a sculptor to use a toothpick rather than a chisel. I've had enough of this stylus, it's extremely short (10cm at best) and uncomfortable to hold, and it's a cheap phone stylus with a really fat rounded rubber tip that makes fine detail really difficult. also, the rounded rubber tip is soft and hollow so the tip "flexes" like crazy. this is made worse by the fact that almost 40 doodles later, the rubber in the tip is actually starting to break down. I need something firm that doesn't flatten, flex, and otherwise transform when I press down on it, something not fucking rounded, and something much more fine pointed. its like I'm trying to kill someone with a dildo. I need something pointy, hard, and long like a sword but instead I have a soft fat piece of rubber that flops around.

tl;dr don't draw with phone dildos
pond.png (u)
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I'm still here. Make some requests, or else.
Replies: >>286 >>289 >>294
draw a picture of me not making any requests
for reference im wearing a huge RIP KOBE shirt and have a long curly mullet with a curly mustache and there's holes all in my black pants and on my shitty tennis shoes
Replies: >>296
and a 40oz bottle of malt liquor
draw terry davis (RIP) relaxing in heaven
Replies: >>297
draw lain doing a cart wheel
in school gym clothes
Replies: >>295 >>298 >>299
lol this guy needs his ecchi
Replies: >>302
rip_kobe.png (u)
[Hide] (133.4KB, 1080x1080)
>or reference im wearing a huge RIP KOBE shirt and have a long curly mullet with a curly mustache and there's holes all in my black pants and on my shitty tennis shoe

I have decided to make my return. Enjoy your (not) request, I forgot the liquor bottle.
Replies: >>301
rip_terry_davis.png (u)
[Hide] (59KB, 1080x1080)
I dunno why, but I instinctively imagined him relaxing on the beach or in water. Featuring the Father, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Replies: >>300
I have no words for you.
Replies: >>302
lain.png (u)
[Hide] (50.3KB, 1080x1080)
Looks like I have some words. My internet disconnected as I was uploading the image. Sad!
Replies: >>302
if terry's watching, I'm sure he's proud.
ty :)
why did you all assume it was perversion? :( i was thinking of something that she said in the playstation game that made me smile and laugh
thanks for the doodle, it looks really funny
Replies: >>303 >>304
My apologies sir. I'm not really fond of Lain, I haven't gotten into it yet. Once that one anon suggested it was an ecchi thing that warped my perception. orz
Replies: >>305
because you suggested a girl doing a gymnastics move where you're sprawled out, and then you specified the clothing the girl should wear while doing such a move, which has lewd overtones usually, and furthermore, japanese gym uniforms (and gymnastics uniforms in general) can be pretty revealing.
Replies: >>305
you should have caught the stream last tuesday then :)
does that say more about me or about you? the net is sick but you shouldn't let it color your expectations. if you do that, it will color you one day too.
Replies: >>306
>does that say more about me or about you? the net is sick but you shouldn't let it color your expectations. if you do that, it will color you one day too.
idk you're the one who is implying it's "sick," i just made a dumb comment saying "lol this guy needs his ecchi." you meant whatever you meant by it. if you meant nothing lewd by it then you meant nothing lewd by it. I don't care either way.
draw the orange cat smoking the pipe
tom should oekaki
braves winnin da worlds eries with blooper
Replies: >>331
quit typing like a nigger please. some of your posts I don't understand at all.
Replies: >>333
The Atlanta Braves winning the World Series with their mascot Blooper
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