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this thread doubles as a thread on deciding good stories that i wana develop on my own too while also drawing out for fun...

so, any ideas on making the SELL is welcome
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Telling a story is fine but keep it mind it has to be accompanied by drawing, this isn't a lit board.
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>>313 (OP) 
>any ideas on making the SELL is welcome
You mean you want to make money?

Easiest way to make money is probably going to be to find an art style that you can regularly produce decent quality basic art. basic lines and solid colors. Maybe not even colors. No fancy stuff, no details and shading and that kind of thing. And then I'd opt for a humorous cartoon sort of thing. You'll want to make it digitally, nobody is going to want to look at scans of stationery drawings if you're trying to make money. It will look like some chris-chan sonichu shit if you do that. Then, I'd say you'd probably be best off running your dumb little humorous web-comic for free, with ads. Try and make some money off the ad revenue. Maybe a patreon, maybe accept bitcoin donations, whatever.

I would never recommend anyone aspire to be an artist by trade. Have you ever heard the phrase, "starving artist" before? Yeah. Just do it for fun. Or fuck it, try to make money if you want. I don't care.
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yes... any idea perhaps?

appreciated.... whatkind of, art/merchandise do people buy regularly usually? 
>becoming by trade
yeah anyone starves if they dont work i guess. or is stupid.
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