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馃巵 Christmas Party Invitation 馃巹

Rules and information can be found by clicking here. Have fun!

how_to_draw_manga_sexy_character_front.jpg (u)
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how_to_draw_manga_sexy_character_back.jpg (u)
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銉炪兂銈伄鍩虹銉囥儍銈点兂銈汇偗銈枫兗銈儯銉╃法.pdf (u)
ITT: post resources for drawing. They can be tryhard stuff, easy basic beginner stuff, or anything inbetween.

Today's find is something interesting I accidentally stumbled upon that >>>/anime/ can enjoy too: a Japanese (not translated, sorry) book called "How to Draw Manga: Sexy Character" detailing tips on how to make some high quality lewd. It's got everything from drawing tiddie for characters in a variety of different poses (like with arms stretched), drawing nicely shaped butts and legs, drawing a good round pubic bump, and even drawing some cute feet in various poses. Even if you have no intentions of ever drawing lewd, it could still be helpful for drawing the (female) body in a traditional Japanese manga/anime style. If you can't read moon runes, the illustrations can still be great as they detail lots of anatomy, poses, POV/perspectives, etc. If you can read moon runes you'll be able to read the entire book. It might be of interest to some of you (probably to just appreciate the nice art and cute butts, but maybe one day someone here will actually use the book to try to learn or improve).

Have you read any books or used any kind of instructions or tutorials for drawing? If so, did you find any of them good or useful? Find interesting resources and share!
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2015.167693.The-Merritt-Course-Of-Creative-Cartooning.pdf (u)
>>263 (OP) 
I have a few PDFs saved. I've flipped through them all a bit. They range from figure drawing to cartooning. Looks like some are really big so I might have to make a few posts.
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artofcaricaturin006061mbp.pdf (u)
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This+was+a+really+neat+backstory+for+solaire+and+the+_72e7721560918f6294cd73c971a6cee9.png (u)
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Well, it looks like the other three are over the file limit. I'll link you to where you can find them.
Enjoy, anon.
>all those blank pages
author was trying to make the book thicker, wasn't he?
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It would also be a great place to practice drawing!
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lmfao, your optimism is adorable, never change
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Thanks bud. I guess it's more fun to look at things in a positive way.
Also, look what I found!
I'll definitely be reading through and practicing with this. Drawing fight scenes was always something I had a hard time wrapping my mind around.
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>it's more fun to look at things in a positive way
>front cover has a pantyshot
this is how I know this book is going to be good :^)
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