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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

Rules and information can be found by clicking here. Have fun!

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This is a stupid idea I had today. Let's have fun. :)
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hijacking thread to post dicks
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fresh blood on /rkgk/? welcome! will post a comic as soon as I come up with an idea.
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I've been around here before. Consider this a homecoming. I'm the one who drew the banner with the guy drawing at the desk and the banner of the fat guy - I believe someone else added the glasses and gun if I recall correctly. :P
Okay. :)
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This picture made me remove this site from my bookmarks.
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>will post a comic as soon as I come up with an idea
well I had an idea, so here it is. based on a true story unfortunately
whats your setup, friend? hardware and software
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I'm not your friend, pal. :P
I used to use a Wacom Inituous since 2016, but recently bought a graphic tablet with a screen last month - the XP Pen Artist 12. As for software, I use GIMP.
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I'm not your pal, buddy. I was looking at some cheaper PC tablets recently. Looked up yours and it seems to be in about the same price range of stuff I found. I've considered getting one.

Are you happy using GIMP for drawing? As far as FOSS goes I think most people gravitate to Krita.
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I'm not your buddy, chum.
I believe I am, currently. I see it more as an all-purpose program, being good for both drawing and editing photos (which I usually use for funposts or whatever). While some of the other programs might be better for me in terms of better looking brushstrokes, GIMP has a lot of features, filters, and effects that I like to use all around. Switching to another program would be a bit of a hassle for me, plus I would lose access to the cool effects.
So in short, I prefer GIMP, but you may not. It's essentially open source Photoshop.
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I'm not your chum, bucket.
>being good for (...) editing photos
>It's essentially open source Photoshop
Yeah I know, hence why I asked if you were happy with it. oddly enough I had a very similar discussion with someone else shortly before you responded to me. I've never considered programs like gimp and photoshop for drawing personally and will likely gravitate towards more purpose-built software, but in that similar discussion I had with someone else I did mention that there's a surprising amount of artists who draw with photoshop. it just seemed strange to me and I didn't imagine that to be too enjoyable, but then again I haven't even touched photoshop in ages, probably since the mid 2000s.

Your stuff is quite good btw, hope you plan on sticking around.
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based on real life. hentai's really shit right now. the majority of it is disgusting landwhale tumor women, cuckold nigger shit, even goddamn bestiality is becoming rather popular it seems. it's been difficult finding good 2d lewd, it's all so fucking awful lately.
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yankin it to cartoons is how you get papercuts 
nice css
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>yankin it to cartoons is how you get papercuts 
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