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Did a flying saucer just zip by the page? A turtlehead nearly came out of my ass, fuck you.
Hahaha. My cat likes watching it sometimes. It can be grabbed by hovering your cursor over it. I'll draw another alien sometime, but I should've been asleep 9 hours ago.
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He's a speedy bugger, strong too, I could barely hold on when I finally caught him.
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I hope you slept well anon (MSPaint crashed twice while making this image)
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Thanks. Unfortunately, I didn't. I really like that alien. I'll try to squeeze out one final drawing of an alien sometime in June.
>MSPaint crashed twice while making this image
Don't think that ever happened to me. Are you running it from Wine or VM? Never tried that myself and wondering how stable it is.
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>Don't think that ever happened to me. Are you running it from Wine or VM?
No, straight off a legit copy of Windows 10, but in "Black and White" mode, which is extremely unstable. It's easy to get stuck in an infinite loop of "not enough memory to complete this operation", or to just get it once but have the whole program incrementally break and trash all of your work.
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