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馃巵 Christmas Party Invitation 馃巹

Rules and information can be found by clicking here. Have fun!

doodle41.png (u)
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ITT we reply to the last doodle by drawing the topic of that doodle, as well as making a new topic for the next person to have to draw. your post should contain 2 drawings: a drawing of the previous topic, as well as a drawing of the topic you have decided. it should also contain, in text, the topic that you have decided for the next person to draw. so basically draw previous topic, think of new topic, draw new topic and say what that topic is.

I'll get us started. since this is the OP and I have nobody to "tag" or "battle" it will only have one image.

TOPIC: an old meme (I chose the LOLWUT pear)
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pearman.png (u)
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>>322 (OP)  (checked)
dood a pear
topic: Ecologist.
Replies: >>343
b02fbd05660f2300a7753009d6d8e65fe89a17c57ad1288889ab55e11ed3e0a4.png (u)
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4cf128003b16f324301534e591e568f653537a44d1a717a4f2785418751d1089.png (u)
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from OP:
>your post should contain 2 drawings: a drawing of the previous topic, as well as a drawing of the topic you have decided

you didn't do it right. you were supposed to have two images. the first image was supposed to be an old meme. you could have chosen anything: zero wing, free real estate, any old meme you wanted. it didn't have to be the lolwut pear. the second drawing was supposed to be the new topic you chose, an ecologist.

here, let me show you. my first image is the topic you chose: en ecologist. the second image is the new topic i have chosen:

TOPIC: disco

the next person must also draw that topic (disco), as well as decide a new topic and draw it too.

444ad9c1aa8a080a482d42cbfe310ab7ecf7962237f35835617684598d7b103f.png (u)
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For when you whip something up that doesn't really deserve its own thread.

Gentlemen, I present to you: Vincent van Glow.
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c864aa0c138401892deeb7b5dbb940ecdf4e6fae5d7039863ede935e08140b44.png (u)
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chyeah "a nightmare on cuck street" dude
chyeah "tonight indeed all cucks will bleed" dude
chyeah "cucks fall down when I'm in town" dude
chyeah "suck a bull's cock and get the glock" dude
chyeah "bullets fly, cuckolds die" dude
chyeah "20 cucks under my truck" dude
chyeah "if you like NTR you'll get sniped from afar" dude
chyeah "bull in your bed? eat some lead" dude
chyeah "embrace monogamy or get a bullet lobotomy" dude
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ce41a90b9bc5cc417bcc46c5733c134a47a685a5128f8eea0ea01395170e7a7d.png (u)
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I'm fucking retarded and forgot some gun anatomy. that's what happens when you do an image in a hurry, like 10-15 minutes. technically speaking, an external hammer is not necessary on semi-automatic pistols. some pistols have it, others don't. I decided to add one anyway. however, what is absolutely necessary on a gun is a trigger, which I forgot because i'm dumb.

also decided to add some blood while I was at it. here's the fixed version of chyeah "cucks hit the ground when I fire rounds" dude.
Replies: >>339
Yuri 1.jpg (u)
[Hide] (43.7KB, 379x463)
What if chyea pistol trigger is controlled from his mind? 
>also decided to add some blood while I was at it.
Going postal.
Replies: >>340
>What if chyea pistol trigger is controlled from his mind? 
chyeah "using telekinesis to blow cuckolds to pieces" dude

I can do this all day, kek
ec44f42c449ff0f4cabf0e59c771fe19359f60b87d444d57b015bf4a955c49ae.png (u)
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doing one last version, v3. i fixed the sunglasses since they were really bad, and i added some bodies. what started as a rushed drawing that was very incomplete now finally feels done. watching the image slowly progress provides some insight into how i draw: i usually have an idea and then keep adding to it and fixing it until I think it's "good enough" for me. next drawing will be new, no more edits of this one

8e8ff28a05a1a7929f9c7d68f4e389d0a268a6e58f5416a0a303f063bacd3657.png (u)
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I'm giving out free doodles, request anything and I will draw it (extremely poorly).

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draw the orange cat smoking the pipe
tom should oekaki
braves winnin da worlds eries with blooper
Replies: >>331
quit typing like a nigger please. some of your posts I don't understand at all.
Replies: >>333
The Atlanta Braves winning the World Series with their mascot Blooper

Xbxmx1.png (u)
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Xbmx2.png (u)
[Hide] (409.7KB, 1080x1080)
Xbmx3.png (u)
[Hide] (434.4KB, 1080x1080)
This is a stupid idea I had today. Let's have fun. :)
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fruit_eat.png (u)
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I'm not your buddy, chum.
I believe I am, currently. I see it more as an all-purpose program, being good for both drawing and editing photos (which I usually use for funposts or whatever). While some of the other programs might be better for me in terms of better looking brushstrokes, GIMP has a lot of features, filters, and effects that I like to use all around. Switching to another program would be a bit of a hassle for me, plus I would lose access to the cool effects.
So in short, I prefer GIMP, but you may not. It's essentially open source Photoshop.
Replies: >>246
I'm not your chum, bucket.
>being good for (...) editing photos
>It's essentially open source Photoshop
Yeah I know, hence why I asked if you were happy with it. oddly enough I had a very similar discussion with someone else shortly before you responded to me. I've never considered programs like gimp and photoshop for drawing personally and will likely gravitate towards more purpose-built software, but in that similar discussion I had with someone else I did mention that there's a surprising amount of artists who draw with photoshop. it just seemed strange to me and I didn't imagine that to be too enjoyable, but then again I haven't even touched photoshop in ages, probably since the mid 2000s.

Your stuff is quite good btw, hope you plan on sticking around.
6cb030de24479ed8167f90e771097b8fc63658de5878f35dace8506313ba0b65.png (u)
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based on real life. hentai's really shit right now. the majority of it is disgusting landwhale tumor women, cuckold nigger shit, even goddamn bestiality is becoming rather popular it seems. it's been difficult finding good 2d lewd, it's all so fucking awful lately.
Replies: >>320
yankin it to cartoons is how you get papercuts 
nice css
Replies: >>321
>yankin it to cartoons is how you get papercuts 

IMG_20211017_110042.jpg (u)
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this thread doubles as a thread on deciding good stories that i wana develop on my own too while also drawing out for fun...

so, any ideas on making the SELL is welcome
Replies: >>315
Telling a story is fine but keep it mind it has to be accompanied by drawing, this isn't a lit board.
Replies: >>316
>>313 (OP) 
>any ideas on making the SELL is welcome
You mean you want to make money?

Easiest way to make money is probably going to be to find an art style that you can regularly produce decent quality basic art. basic lines and solid colors. Maybe not even colors. No fancy stuff, no details and shading and that kind of thing. And then I'd opt for a humorous cartoon sort of thing. You'll want to make it digitally, nobody is going to want to look at scans of stationery drawings if you're trying to make money. It will look like some chris-chan sonichu shit if you do that. Then, I'd say you'd probably be best off running your dumb little humorous web-comic for free, with ads. Try and make some money off the ad revenue. Maybe a patreon, maybe accept bitcoin donations, whatever.

I would never recommend anyone aspire to be an artist by trade. Have you ever heard the phrase, "starving artist" before? Yeah. Just do it for fun. Or fuck it, try to make money if you want. I don't care.
Replies: >>316
yes... any idea perhaps?

appreciated.... whatkind of, art/merchandise do people buy regularly usually? 
>becoming by trade
yeah anyone starves if they dont work i guess. or is stupid.

SAI_1.2.5.png (u)
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Whatcha scribblin' on, anon? Discuss tablets, styluses, other hardware, software, stationery, and anything else. Post recommendations or advice, chat, doodle, whatever.
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>Refer to example 2 in the image I'm posting. Fuck, what is that called?
it's called 1-bit dithering. the type that is most similar to Example 2 is called Bayer or Ordered dithering, but it looks a little different from that, I think. Most likely it is just a fill pattern, no actual dither algorithm, and it's characteristic of (but not necessarily unique to) MacPaint. i think Flipnote Hatena had something like that, it's been a long time since i touched a DS and my memory isn't so good.
91866d8ece90cdea2de10ab99c5aa5c53ef0874ecb85cad1883ae15f42a78d4e.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 640x360, 00:19)
I want to caution anyone who wants to use a "capacitive" touch screen (the kind on your phone) to draw: they all have this problem when drawing diagonal lines (vid related). even if you draw a diagonal line against a straight surface so that there is absolutely no human error, the screen still registers the input as wavy.

this is not to say that you shouldn't get a good stylus: you absolutely 100% should. most of your problems with bad lines can be fixed by using a good stylus with low friction; this will help with your drawing generally speaking as you will be able to move more fluidly, however it won't completely fix your diagonal lines. your hand shake actually contributes very little to your diagonal (or horizontal/vertical, for that matter) lines being shit: a well made, quality low-friction stylus will clean up your lines except for diagonals. for that last little bit of hardware error on your diagonals, you will need software to fix it.

hope this was informative.
planning my eventual return. dropping this.

I've done somewhat exhaustive research on software, and honestly, in my opinion, there are only a few things worth looking into. you can do your own research and use whatever you like I'm not your dad, but the tools in this list seem like the only good options in my opinion (unless I missed something).

for all of us fucking cheapskates using unwanted second-hand tablet shit with terrible touch screens, likely running custom roms with questionable stability. or, for the one or two truly insane people trying to draw on a FUCKING PHONE.

basically this is what you should be using. it's not even a contest on android. this is the best software, bar fucking none. it has no real competition. this is exactly what you want: it's a fully-featured digital art tool with none of the microtransaction shit or ads or accounts or cruft that almost everything else has.

free as in freeware, not foss. freeware as in not "freemium" or adware.

an extremely feature-barren paint tool that is stupidly easy to learn. any 20 IQ drooling retard could use this. 1 brush. basically no options. limited amount of layers which is its biggest drawback. it's a good place to start for beginners, but you'll want to graduate to something different pretty quickly. total shit. I use it to make some amusing garbage.

free as in foss.

honestly I fucking hate this thing. I hate its brushes and wouldn't advise going near it unless you're trying to go for some sort of realistic oil painting aesthetic. software quality seems a bit low-end, looks like someone's personal pet project with the samsung name slapped on top of it.

free as in freeware, not foss. freeware as in not "freemium" or adware.
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Replies: >>292
EDIT: sketchbook no longer free on desktop since ~June apparently, my mistake.
Replies: >>293
EDIT EDIT: the download links for free autodesk sketchbook still work!

microshaft: https://download.autodesk.com/us/support/files/sketchbook/sketchbook_2019/sketchbook_8.7.1.0_win64.exe
crapple: https://download.autodesk.com/us/support/files/sketchbook/sketchbook_2019/sketchbook_v8.7.1_mac.dmg

yer fuckin welcome cunt

IMG20210809135254.jpg (u)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 3120x4160)
Sorry for interfering...
Would IT be considered disrespectful If I would post here some animations mare by me, in hope to get a honest feedback?
After all, they are creative expressions.
Thanks in advance, and forgive me
Replies: >>283
>>282 (OP) 
>Sorry for interfering
Please interfere, more people posting content is a good thing.
>Would IT be considered disrespectful If I would post here some animations mare by me, in hope to get a honest feedback?
No, that would be fine, go ahead. Animation is fun, I want to see what you make
>forgive me
You didn't do anything wrong
219bd5b542951dd6d8eec85c1b49aede3ab6a67787ffa759255f42dbb35ffb41.jpg (u)
[Hide] (59.8KB, 413x309)

how_to_draw_manga_sexy_character_front.jpg (u)
[Hide] (502.3KB, 1633x2229)
how_to_draw_manga_sexy_character_back.jpg (u)
[Hide] (357KB, 1653x2240)
銉炪兂銈伄鍩虹銉囥儍銈点兂銈汇偗銈枫兗銈儯銉╃法.pdf (u)
ITT: post resources for drawing. They can be tryhard stuff, easy basic beginner stuff, or anything inbetween.

Today's find is something interesting I accidentally stumbled upon that >>>/anime/ can enjoy too: a Japanese (not translated, sorry) book called "How to Draw Manga: Sexy Character" detailing tips on how to make some high quality lewd. It's got everything from drawing tiddie for characters in a variety of different poses (like with arms stretched), drawing nicely shaped butts and legs, drawing a good round pubic bump, and even drawing some cute feet in various poses. Even if you have no intentions of ever drawing lewd, it could still be helpful for drawing the (female) body in a traditional Japanese manga/anime style. If you can't read moon runes, the illustrations can still be great as they detail lots of anatomy, poses, POV/perspectives, etc. If you can read moon runes you'll be able to read the entire book. It might be of interest to some of you (probably to just appreciate the nice art and cute butts, but maybe one day someone here will actually use the book to try to learn or improve).

Have you read any books or used any kind of instructions or tutorials for drawing? If so, did you find any of them good or useful? Find interesting resources and share!
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It would also be a great place to practice drawing!
Replies: >>278
lmfao, your optimism is adorable, never change
Replies: >>279
Thanks bud. I guess it's more fun to look at things in a positive way.
Also, look what I found!
I'll definitely be reading through and practicing with this. Drawing fight scenes was always something I had a hard time wrapping my mind around.
Replies: >>280 >>281
>it's more fun to look at things in a positive way
>front cover has a pantyshot
this is how I know this book is going to be good :^)

rpncf_erghb_zbes_rava_anyc.gif (u)
[Hide] (15.7KB, 640x480)
Draw a scene.

Try guessing if you wanna. After you've thought of possible answers, take the filename and reverse and rotate it by 13 characters. No waiting for Y/N reply to discover if you were correct. Numbers may be written as words if they make the answer too obvious before the filename is decrypted.

$ echo 'filename' | rev | tr 'A-Za-z' 'N-ZA-Mn-za-m'
$ echo 'filename' | rev | rot13
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>basing your identity
Well that's exactly what a "fandom" does. It's why I wanted to keep it a secret that I even watched a bit out of curiousity. Everyone knows about the "fandom" or whatever you want to call it and I didn't want to be associated with that. MLP is probably the most embarrassing one as well, I can't even really think of any others that are extremely embarrassing other than Twilight which I already mentioned. It's especially embarassing since they masturbate to it. Of all the embarrassing things to masturbate to MLP is pretty high up there imo. Not the worst though, I'd seriously rather fap to pastel cartoon horses than cuck porn or something. I guess MLP cuck porn would be the worst of the worst or something. Or maybe real porn where it's cuck porn and you're getting cucked by a horse. Like a real, live horse.

kek I don't even know what the fuck I'm talking about anymore, I'm going to stop derailing this thread lmfao
Oh I just thought of a fetish that's comparable to MLP in terms of embarassing: diapers. It's like that. If you fap to diaper stuff you probably wouldn't advertise that, but every single time I saw someone back in the day with an MLP avatar on literally anything, to me they were advertising that they fap to my little pony. And I'm not sure why you'd advertise that. Maybe I'm just not as confident in my autism as everyone else.
xebj_gn_arz.png (u)
[Hide] (10.8KB, 640x480)
Replies: >>168
I got it wrong. All I could think of was this:
>There's no shame in watching something and forming your own opinion.
except big mouth

ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (4.3KB, 694x188)
Did a flying saucer just zip by the page? A turtlehead nearly came out of my ass, fuck you.
Hahaha. My cat likes watching it sometimes. It can be grabbed by hovering your cursor over it. I'll draw another alien sometime, but I should've been asleep 9 hours ago.
Replies: >>196 >>197
He's a speedy bugger, strong too, I could barely hold on when I finally caught him.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (6.4KB, 270x303)
I hope you slept well anon (MSPaint crashed twice while making this image)
Replies: >>198
Thanks. Unfortunately, I didn't. I really like that alien. I'll try to squeeze out one final drawing of an alien sometime in June.
>MSPaint crashed twice while making this image
Don't think that ever happened to me. Are you running it from Wine or VM? Never tried that myself and wondering how stable it is.
Replies: >>200
>Don't think that ever happened to me. Are you running it from Wine or VM?
No, straight off a legit copy of Windows 10, but in "Black and White" mode, which is extremely unstable. It's easy to get stuck in an infinite loop of "not enough memory to complete this operation", or to just get it once but have the whole program incrementally break and trash all of your work.

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