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Thanks "WiRED" friends

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Keep discussion to or around SEL, spoiler your NSFW, and abide by the global rule.

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The annual independent SEL stream, American side. Tune in to https://cytu.be/r/thelainstream/ on July 21st 11:59 PM (2021-7-22 3:59 AM UTC) to watch Serial Experiments Lain with anons from all around the webring and beyond, English subtitles included. No sign-up required, just hop in!
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gahhhh why do you have to make it so late
or is there a euro stream as well?
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There's going to be a stream of the Portuguese dub at 21:30 on the 28th but that's it for this year (unless there's a big enough encore ;-)). The only reason for the redo is because this invitation had a typo in the date on other sites. There will be a better arrangement next year, at a different time, perhaps multiple marathons, and also a little earlier in the year (the idea is to have the English subs on the anniversary of Layer:01's first airing and the Portuguese dub on the anniversary of Layer:13's first airing, but only the latter could be done this year). Please make some suggestions, it would be great to have some input to optimize.
>>543 (OP) 
Lain is fake and for faggots.
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I really like that video too.

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Does anyone have lain getting headpatted?
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I happen to have just one.
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Whenever I come across Duvet again it touches my core every time, and I feel connected with Lain.  I remember the Summer I watched it and it impacted as deeply then as it does now, I look back on it fondly.  I'm not the biggest fan of the show compared to how much other people devote themselves to Lain or even technologically adept but I resonate deeply with her and feel a bond to people who have Lain as their profile pictures depending if they didn't choose her for aesthetics or "she's just like me!" Tumblr shit.  I can't relate to people who worship her though, it comes off to me like they're worshiping a material object like many cults do but I have never worshiped anything before and don't know what it's like.  I feel like she wouldn't care about me in reality and that the obligations of godhood would leave me ignored but that's my own insecurity, selfishness, and lack of faith.

I like what this guy had to say about her; an example.
>I took a year to grow out a Lain hair strand at the left side of my head. Lain became a character really important to me that I could relate to. Due to a mental disorder, I have a very poor sense of self and I feel like I don't know who I am. I relate so much with Lain that I kind of identify as her. I watched Serial Experiments Lain so much to cope with trauma I was dealing with from highschool to now. I got her hair clip online to put in my hair to even more resemble her hairstyle. However, even though it was important for me to have the hair strand, I cut it off yesterday because I couldn't handle people insulting me and distancing themselves from me over a little piece of hair on the side of my head. For some reason, something dear to me made it hard for me to connect with others because looking even slightly different is deemed "socially unacceptable". If I was a girl, maybe people wouldn't care as much and I could of pulled it off. People expect others to be like them. This society is very selfish and it hates itself so much that it tears people apart in order to feel better. Even though people judged me for the hairstyle I tried to keep it anyways but it kept being a burden. I feel like a sliced off an important part of my identity and I further don't know who I am. I tried all my life to care for myself and love myself but I've always been put down by others and I'm losing myself more and more. I never wanted to care what others thought of me but for whatever reason, I can't help it.
>It's fine though. I can grow it back, or better yet, get a clip on hair piece so I can have a Lain hairstyle anytime I want. Lain tried so much to reassure herself and others that she is herself, that she has a real self and her evil wired persona isn't the real her, but really she felt like she didn't have a real self and that she was a terrible person because of the actions her wired self did that would ruin her friendships, like with Arisu. Someday, I want 
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how to get higher resolution for first (ABe poster) and original source for second ("innocence.jpg"?)
Thank yw PEDO :)
I want to FUCK lain
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frozen with no UI since 12 nov 2020

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Scans courtesy of angelic-trust.net, kyaaa.biz Shiricki. "Omnipresence" edition unknown.
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A long time ago another anon told me about a Russian fandub of Lain, he was an avid collector of physical releases and merchandise but never ended up coming back with a torrent like he said he would. That's the only time I could ever get info, is it just a myth or is it out there? I want to believe.
It was found! Thanks to Wirechan anon: https://kinogo.la/8371-serial-experiments-lain_1998.html

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