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A lot happened in the past 7 months, except for on these two boards. The older I get, the more jaded and cynical I become with imageboards and their culture. These feelings have now reached terminality and there's no going back. I value imageboards less than ever (and all online communities, realistically) as time goes on; 4chan has long since been infested with extremely low-quality discussion, but anymore, this has become near universal and even exacertbated due to the often absurd moderation of small imageboard communities. The only real difference between the low-quality discussion of something like 4chan and the low-quality discussion of small imageboards is that small imageboards become much more cliqueish and usually resort to the same few low-quality discussions and "talking points" (if you can even call them that) on constant repeat by the same 2 or 3 people. Reply after reply is predictably hostile and retarded to a point that people are beginning to exhibit paranoid schizophrenic behavior over something as stupid as a board having... four rules to follow. And that's it. Or maybe one tiny detail that the poster doesn't like. He'll freak out and shit his pants until he needs to be banned instead of just leaving like a normal person would. Beyond that, imageboards other than 4chan are way more fucking dead and only seem to shrink with time. There are some posters who make a genuine effort to try to have an interesting discussion free of the usual bullshit that comes with using something like a forum, discord, or social media, but it has become extremely rare now. In fact, almost everyone (with the exception of very few) came by these boards (especially /anime/) to basically be an idiot and nothing else. Plenty were looking to actually try to start drama in the meta threads on literal DEAD BOARDS. Imagine being so fucking pathetic that a board doesn't even have a community yet and you're already trying to turn it into drama. "Hi, just stopping by to say look at how retarded I am" was a surprising amount of the posts (at least half of them). To those who didn't do that, I'd like to say a genuine thank you to the one or two people who came desiring actual discussion and didn't try to start drama in the meta thread or elsewhere, freak out, or post off-topic garbage. You are the people who make imageboards a fun, good place to discuss things. Don't ever change, don't turn into one of the niggers who are ruining imageboards.

I think there's a lot of reasons as to why the state of imageboards have become completely destitute and beyond saving, and I could spend time trying to analyze this and propose some drawn-out theory, but it really doesn't matter. What matters is the way that things are now, and nothing that I or anyone else can do or say can change that. It's just a fucking lost cause. 8chan's dead. 4chan may as well be a completely different site by this point. The webring is absolutely NO fun. Independent sites? I'm shocked that most 
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