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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

fatchan.webp (u)
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The culling is complete. The worst of the garbage seems to have been cleaned up. However, I feel the dark ages of fatchan are upon us lads.

/b/ - always an awful board, but even more so here where it seems to have attracted the autism of some attention-whoring sand nigger.
/lain/ - some guy who dumped a bunch of lain pictures and left.
/t/ - a bunch of idiots who did not RTFM when trying to install jschan and run their own shitty, dead imageboard.
/tech/ - possibly the worst technology board I've ever laid eyes on which is pretty bad considering there's never been a good one, ever.

That leaves /vr/ and /rkgk/, which are both worth using, but are sadly extremely slow. I will now drink and dedicate these drinks to the future of fatchan, wishing it good fortune. Fatchan (and by that, I mean this revived version) is almost a year old: it turns 1 some time in November. Let's all hope for a better year but don't get your hopes too high because things are probably just going to get worse, not just here but everywhere.
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>it turns 1 some time in November
Nevermind, it's birthday was the 21st. Happy late birthday, fatchan.
tom ur alredy drink
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also i dont want any newly unowned boards fyi jsyk tbph :)
I'm not tom lol
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whatever bitch
now IM gettin drunk sup w/ that!
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>>233 (OP) 
I never left.
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You LIE!!
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unknown.png (u)
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Димюрич.png (u)
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What would you like to see on >>>/lain/?
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lewd of lain
this country is doomed.mp4 (u)
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>not just here but everywhere
sad state of affairs, the web. even the early so-called defenders of it have become demented post-marxists. remember when 2600 was entirely about the dmca and encryption and shit? now all that codgy old fag talks about is trump like some geriatric yenta, with his diversity female host that adds less than nothing to any topic. it's actually shocking how severe the totalitarianism has become in 20 years.
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