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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

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leaked image of tom
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no fuck off cunt
t. tom
you are painfully unfunny
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tom is love
tom is life
just like your mom

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Brandon robert kelley
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Presenting, life of childe
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>>109 (OP) 
Newfag here , can someone explain the lore of this guy.
I've seen him on every small imageboard but never knew his story.
I saw >>311 video but he dosen't seem to be very unique or different from other lolcows
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Old fag here. Have Never bothered about that.

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1195499__safe_artist-colon-gsphere_princess+celestia_bath_bathing_bubble_derail+in+the+comments_eyes+closed_floppy+ears_happy_missing+accessory_pony_sm.png (u)
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>>57 (OP) 
My wife sure does look cute!
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fuckin bronies
yellow_hoers_yays.png (u)
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YellowShy best hoers tbh smh fam.
Bronyfags get the rope

the matrixx - black moon.mp4 (u)
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Найк Борзов — Дачные велосипедистки.mp4 (u)
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Найк Борзов — Не предел.mp4 (u)
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your music sucks dude
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01 Camino Del Sol.mp3 (u)
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05 Achilles.mp3 (u)
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11 The Boy From Ipanema.mp3 (u)
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Rhythm Addicts - Oomp Boomp.mp3 (u)
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fatchan.webp (u)
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The culling is complete. The worst of the garbage seems to have been cleaned up. However, I feel the dark ages of fatchan are upon us lads.

/b/ - always an awful board, but even more so here where it seems to have attracted the autism of some attention-whoring sand nigger.
/lain/ - some guy who dumped a bunch of lain pictures and left.
/t/ - a bunch of idiots who did not RTFM when trying to install jschan and run their own shitty, dead imageboard.
/tech/ - possibly the worst technology board I've ever laid eyes on which is pretty bad considering there's never been a good one, ever.

That leaves /vr/ and /rkgk/, which are both worth using, but are sadly extremely slow. I will now drink and dedicate these drinks to the future of fatchan, wishing it good fortune. Fatchan (and by that, I mean this revived version) is almost a year old: it turns 1 some time in November. Let's all hope for a better year but don't get your hopes too high because things are probably just going to get worse, not just here but everywhere.
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597b11ad4d4150557da5d19dcb643b424516baee829416cebb7110a231822d13.webm (u)
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What would you like to see on >>>/lain/?
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lewd of lain
this country is doomed.mp4 (u)
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>not just here but everywhere
sad state of affairs, the web. even the early so-called defenders of it have become demented post-marxists. remember when 2600 was entirely about the dmca and encryption and shit? now all that codgy old fag talks about is trump like some geriatric yenta, with his diversity female host that adds less than nothing to any topic. it's actually shocking how severe the totalitarianism has become in 20 years.

ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Gondola_Armalite.png (u)
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nightkyle.webm (u)
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Up In Kenosha.mp4 (u)
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Bravo Tom

8ae789eea797b5b21ff02ae87c1cea5bc5bc575bb11af509119beae2a7b896ee.png (u)
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idk what country this is but bitches from here are all ugly as shit, whats up with that
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you copied a comical twitter post word for word and posted it on a chan with 5 PPD on a good day. why?
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>word for word
is it? damn my memory is good
655dcd23e21a7552afa14d39380b9dfe9dc723b90e07bd13f9e10c4da3bc089c.png (u)
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>>249 (OP) 
Replies: >>283

a23e20c92ba9cea34b58ff77d280870f190789c8bd41f2bdee6faef40ea8880b.png (u)
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Make it come back!
You want me to go out of my way to invest in muh decentraloized netwark when it literally has "bitch" as the start of its name?
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quit bitchan about the name
8fa161c51f10a4becb5b3146b4517fb7e60c48a339047ac727dc3c7b364115ef.png (u)
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never had a very fun time with that software
so the 10% or so of anons smart enough to use tor
might as well delete the keys now since that's how gpg with friends always ends.
All in all great idea, would be censorship resistant and no one server to be btfo'd by ddos. But can all four of us actually make the decentralized revolution happen? Probably not.

88a016e99f8c5e4a439a055ce8a2f904da0657650dbc5aba5d5906199a603d1b.jpg (u)
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Kid-itching-his-bum-in-a-mall_1.gif (u)
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Me: I Feel Good.........😊
tom filter unicode, it makes chans look like social media

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