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pour one out.png (u)
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Pour one out for the ded boards.

frank1.png (u)
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(I was debating on posting this in /rgk/, but seeing as this is a quest first where the drawings serve as a decoration, I decided /b/ would be a better fit. Also I was the one testing the dice function here :P)

Your name is Franklin Frankfurt, age 32. Starting at the age of 12 you have been learning the way of the sword. You feel yourself plateauing recently, which leads you to believe that there isn't much more left to learn. You're the best swordsman in your dojo, where your master, Sensei Kazaha has been missing for the past three years.
Recently, you've decided to take a break from the dojo and find a practical use for your swordsmanship. One of the other pupils has been keeping it up and running, and your fellow swordsmen seem to respect your decision. For the past six months you have been employed by:

>A renowned traveling circus, where you've learned to be more of a showman, and sharpen the speed of your steel.
>The local exterminator, where you have gained greater skill with cutting down small targets.
>A brooding investigator who has helped you gain a keener eye and mind in your search for Sensei Kazaha.
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yeah let's fight this fag

(##1d100) Rolled 1 dice with 100 sides = 34
Replies: >>145
Rolling for the shadow master.
I'll make the next post soon, just been busy with college and whatnot.
(##1d100) Rolled 1 dice with 100 sides = 94
If he rolls lower he blocks the attack.
Replies: >>147
that shadow is so fucked
take your time

7d39a495c6ee1becc09bd83b634cec8c840fae34d676597cc5c844f90479e769.jpg (u)
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banned for a month?! for what? boosting the pph of your dead board? what rule did i break, you submissive, lowlife, subhuman?!
this shithole is worse than youtube's comments section. the moderation here (and in the irc) is utterly pathetic.
you did me a favor, monkey. i don't want to exist on a site full of actual liberal wiggers.
finally, enjoy flattering each others in the irc like faggots.
>blah blah i hate it here so bad this place sucks i hate it it's so shit i hate this place
then leave you absolute attention whore nigger


2021-10-11-22:21:13:468900203.png (u)
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no, fams!
feruza blocked me because i sent her a dick-pic :(

244795548_1113605529174105_8915872423158712447_n.jpg (u)
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245137863_964131080806754_2176662471093455078_n.jpg (u)
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245316422_356677962860031_3507631284171201628_n.jpg (u)
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53317ad37d9c43b7e9b4430eda98692a4836554521e7027da6fd942b78a998d6.png (u)
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i wish i had a large cock so i could send a dick-pic to every female i follow on the internet.
mine is like 3 inches when fully erect.
by the way, the image is taken from kohlchan.

ssstiktok_1633933505.mp4 (u)
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g'morning y'all! what's poppin', homies?

Loituma - Ievan Polkka-7yh9i0PAjck.webm (u)
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i actually love this song
Loituma - Ievan's Polkka (live, techno original version)-0i8VM_EooCs.mp4 (u)
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this one is my favorite
Loituma (Beach Cooing)-RU1Vi_VYRBQ.mkv (u)
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245158481_685344815772609_3297911949117767775_n.jpg (u)
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finally saw nanabeladi's armpits!

bitmap.png (u)
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what's on my list:

study c++
study lua
study sile
study linux/bsd
study english grammar/vocabulary 
study uzbek language
study world history (on the seventh day)
learn to use inkscape, gimp, krita, natron, blender, and/or kdenlive (on the seventh day). (more software should be added to this list.)
i also have to fast for 3 days between each one healthy meal and lose 40kg within 3 months.

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