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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

leaked image of tom
Brandon robert kelley
The culling is complete. The worst of the garbage seems to have been cleaned up. However, I feel the dark ages of fatchan are upon us lads.

/b/ - always an awful board, but even more so here where it seems to have attracted the autism of some attention-whoring sand nigger.
/lain/ - some guy who dumped a bunch of lain pictures and left.
/t/ - a bunch of idiots who did not RTFM when trying to install jschan and run their own shitty, dead imageboard.
/tech/ - possibly the worst technology board I've ever laid eyes on which is pretty bad considering there's never been a good one, ever.

That leaves /vr/ and /rkgk/, which are both worth using, but are sadly extremely slow. I will now drink and dedicate these drinks to the future of fatchan, wishing it good fortune. Fatchan (and by that, I mean this revived version) is almost a year old: it turns 1 some time in November. Let's all hope for a better year but don't get your hopes too high because things are probably just going to get worse, not just here but everywhere.
Bravo Tom
idk what country this is but bitches from here are all ugly as shit, whats up with that
Make it come back!
Me: I Feel Good.........😊
>sudden eye burn
>fell on ground screaming
>eyes got sore
>lose consciousness
>never wake up
(I was debating on posting this in /rgk/, but seeing as this is a quest first where the drawings serve as a decoration, I decided /b/ would be a better fit. Also I was the one testing the dice function here :P)

Your name is Franklin Frankfurt, age 32. Starting at the age of 12 you have been learning the way of the sword. You feel yourself plateauing recently, which leads you to believe that there isn't much more left to learn. You're the best swordsman in your dojo, where your master, Sensei Kazaha has been missing for the past three years.
Recently, you've decided to take a break from the dojo and find a practical use for your swordsmanship. One of the other pupils has been keeping it up and running, and your fellow swordsmen seem to respect your decision. For the past six months you have been employed by:

>A renowned traveling circus, where you've learned to be more of a showman, and sharpen the speed of your steel.
>The local exterminator, where you have gained greater skill with cutting down small targets.
>A brooding investigator who has helped you gain a keener eye and mind in your search for Sensei Kazaha.
check this tom.
how does it feel to live in totalitarian state?
what's on my list:

study c++
study lua
study sile
study linux/bsd
study english grammar/vocabulary 
study uzbek language
study world history (on the seventh day)
learn to use inkscape, gimp, krita, natron, blender, and/or kdenlive (on the seventh day). (more software should be added to this list.)
banned for a month?! for what? boosting the pph of your dead board? what rule did i break, you submissive, lowlife, subhuman?!
this shithole is worse than youtube's comments section. the moderation here (and in the irc) is utterly pathetic.
you did me a favor, monkey. i don't want to exist on a site full of actual liberal wiggers.
finally, enjoy flattering each others in the irc like faggots.
no, fams!
feruza blocked me because i sent her a dick-pic :(
i wish i had a large cock so i could send a dick-pic to every female i follow on the internet.
mine is like 3 inches when fully erect.
by the way, the image is taken from kohlchan.
g'morning y'all! what's poppin', homies?
i actually love this song
finally saw nanabeladi's armpits!
>no posts in a week
ded bort
battleshit 2042...
the most embarssingly disgusting piece of crap i've ever seen in my life. this hot garbage is even more disappointing than cyperjunk 2077.
they showed us something (trailer) and want to sell us something else (gameplay).
we have been betrayed by a bunch of code monekys and marketing lizards.
i don't understand why would any subhuman pay for this free-to-play, pajeet mobile game.
can you absolute motherfuckers see my messages or are they hidden?
today's lunch is kebab. what about you, anon?
mommy just paid me $5 for taking a shower. literally.
the bitch said that she couldn't stand my smell.
well, fuck it, i miss my body odor :(
imagine the taste of these two babies mixed together (labneh+corn). hmmm!
god, i miss jordan.
i miss the women
i miss the food
i miss the weather
i miss the freedom

i'm crying :'(
i need to stop browsing social media, man. it's driving me crazy.
tom you live in a fucking shithole, when your own police is meant to protect you, but beats you with a rifle
hello, anon.
rate my middle eastern feet.
Why was this allowed?
generic typography.
these .gif files need to be resized using an online tool @
General general
All fax no printer.
TRUK & PULLR!!!!!!!!!
tom needs to abandon that shitehole.
oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer
AM I GAY????
makes me feel happy, knowing the "holy" the "perfect" and the "all knowing" "all loving" is nothing but words

and as you threw acid to my face, i will laugh as loud as possible. Knowing full well, even the liar and fraud, the holy and the invincible, is nothing but a devil in disguise, wishing for nothing but its own joy.

A liar that hungers.

A hilarious, divine comedy, indeed. For the lord has no joy, only power, and those bound by it, will hunger like it, and truly
there is no end to infinity.
sou eu
GETs aren't real until 10k
happy birthday hitler :)
Ahem. May I have the attention of the class?

Fuck niggers. That is all.
>Onionsite Not Found
This is where you all have been hiding, faggots! I miss you so much! It has been more than 3 months (since 8channel's shutdown).
My absolutely favorite altchan. What a blessing engine! Let's hope it gains popularity among elites and watch it growing as the rest of the interent is dies.
No tripcodes, I see.
>Currently a few webring sites are down due to an issue with hosting, read more on Vincent Canfield twitter
Nice decentralization, brainiacs. Why even have multiple sites if ya gonna use the same host? Just have one site and save $$$$$ lmao. Team Cockbox, ya fired, all uh ya.
does the IRC server have any channels where users can communicate?
You may have stopped me from posting from the Konachan iframe, but Gahoole didn't.
Posting from the Captcha iframe, like a pro.
got these pretzels that are like pillows filled with peanut butter they're so good
>anything and everything
Tom, i would like your opinion on jews.
>24 posts have been made in the last hour
Is the admin of this site the same guy who said on zzzchan that anons should be grateful for the brief period that zchan existed? Or is that a different guy? I've lost count of who is who and who did what.

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