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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

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>Currently a few webring sites are down due to an issue with cock.li/cockbox.org hosting, read more on Vincent Canfield twitter https://twitter.com/gexcolo
Nice decentralization, brainiacs. Why even have multiple sites if ya gonna use the same host? Just have one site and save $$$$$ lmao. Team Cockbox, ya fired, all uh ya.
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Zzzchan looked disgusting--proxy protruding--in his cloudlflare before Webring. Very very disrespectful.
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Observing their numbers and content now that zzzchan is back online.
>They really do use zzzchan exclusively.
>They will never try Eris/b/ or fat/b/ or Fr/b/ or /dunk/ while zzzchan is offline.
>They really are goyim.
>They replaced their enslavement to Mark with enslavement to Sturgeon.
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Its odd
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Paste that into https://iqdb.org to find sauce.
Only one of the results (danbooru) links back to the artist's pixiv.
SauceNAO finds the artist's pixiv, but you may get rate limited if using Tor.

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does the IRC server have any channels where users can communicate?
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>>70 (OP) 
also in the MOTD, but atm its just #general and #fatchan

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You may have stopped me from posting from the Konachan iframe, but Gahoole didn't.

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Posting from the Captcha iframe, like a pro.
that's illegal
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Good luck, I'm behind 7 Captcha iframes.

got these pretzels that are like pillows filled with peanut butter they're so good
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>>55 (OP) 
Nice ib software

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>anything and everything
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people who just quote others and posts wojaks should unironically kill themselves, despicable.
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>people who just quote others and posts wojaks should unironically kill themselves, despicable.

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Tom, i would like your opinion on jews.
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if only i had a bunch of tomchan.* domains
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I like to imagine it's myspace tom sitting around with nothing better to do and deciding to make an imageboard.
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It is myspace tom
High resolution videos are tor-phobic. Please refrain from offending the local oppressed torposters with your high resolution content, you filthy anglo.
as-soon-as-i-say-jew.webm (u)
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>24 posts have been made in the last hour
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Oh fucking SWEET dude you kept the spoiler'd color
(##3d4) Rolled 3 dice with 4 sides = 6
I'm a fucking retard
well you kept half of it better than nothing
>>16 (OP) 
Unsurprisingly it was at >>>/test/

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