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c60f63991c5555abad310f73fcb6fe9dca6fa99c56f481bcdf0cb5d70523a577.webm (u)
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tom you live in a fucking shithole, when your own police is meant to protect you, but beats you with a rifle
Crocodile Dundee did nothing wrong
>police is meant to protect you
yeah, in a parallel universe, you delusional fuck.

IMG_2486.JPG (u)
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hello, anon.
rate my middle eastern feet.
unnamed.jpg (u)
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brad pitt who?
IMG_2493.JPG (u)
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IMG_2497.JPG (u)
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i haven't taken a shower in 3 weeks. i smell like a real man

1626712041653.jpg (u)
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Why was this allowed?

fatchan1.gif (u)
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fatchan2.gif (u)
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fatchan3.gif (u)
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fatchan4.gif (u)
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generic typography.
these .gif files need to be resized using an online tool @ https://ezgif.com/resize
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Replies: >>158 + 1 earlier
-hs are the correct flags to show just human-formatted size and file name.
Replies: >>156
oh and if gimp and photoshop don't have some kind of quality option to bring your file size down (i don't honestly know but I assume they do) then it's your fault for not being able to type a command
>>146 (OP) 
Thanks, I put 1 and 2 slightly tweaked as banners on >>>/t/
498e54846bbf07355ecaf892a2e5840059c7c5564cc4f736ea316f4b3592a28d.gif (u)
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0% web software was used in losslessly optimizing this file from 2045582 bytes to 1616019, and I probably could have done better if you didn't dither it to shit with ezgif. webniggers btfo

eb16e8020335dc6806bf6e91bbd78458b1ad6687a282021b53908a28f3efdec4.gif (u)
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General general
Replies: >>118
in general I'm doing so so
dice.jpg (u)
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>>28 (OP) 
(##3d6) Rolled 3 dice with 6 sides = 14
Replies: >>132
(##1d100+10) Rolled 1 dice with 100 sides and modifier +10 = 15
Replies: >>133
(##1d100) Rolled 1 dice with 100 sides = 21

covid.mp4 (u)
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All fax no printer.

f193d5868ef99e5535092589d102e610c064f967580040b38f6d5a96b5fc5515.mp4 (u)
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TRUK & PULLR!!!!!!!!!

1631350855919.webm (u)
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33031fb02d1d45e8fd5089aae61ed6a30a3e6110c599fc96472f558acc4d7a7b.jpg (u)
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tom needs to abandon that shitehole.
ya do you think tom is gonna die or somethin maybe get arrested for lookin out the window
What do you mean abandoning your own home? dude deserves it.

6662d4c2b360e1ee0c46ff057662f0b82f927c7afe403589c97257193eedf001.gif (u)
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oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

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