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🎁 Christmas Party Invitation 🎄

Loituma - Ievan Polkka-7yh9i0PAjck.webm (u)
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i actually love this song
Loituma - Ievan's Polkka (live, techno original version)-0i8VM_EooCs.mp4 (u)
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this one is my favorite
Loituma (Beach Cooing)-RU1Vi_VYRBQ.mkv (u)
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245158481_685344815772609_3297911949117767775_n.jpg (u)
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finally saw nanabeladi's armpits!

>no posts in a week
ded bort
yeah, yeah, nice try, faggot. everybody can see my threads.
t. vorse

there're a lot more to come ;)

battleshit.jpg (u)
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battleshit 2042...
the most embarssingly disgusting piece of crap i've ever seen in my life. this hot garbage is even more disappointing than cyperjunk 2077.
they showed us something (trailer) and want to sell us something else (gameplay).
we have been betrayed by a bunch of code monekys and marketing lizards.
i don't understand why would any subhuman pay for this free-to-play, pajeet mobile game.

Screenshot from 2021-10-08 03-26-10.png (u)
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can you absolute motherfuckers see my messages or are they hidden?

KebabKureci.jpg (u)
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today's lunch is kebab. what about you, anon?

Screenshot from 2021-10-07 11-48-42.png (u)
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mommy just paid me $5 for taking a shower. literally.
the bitch said that she couldn't stand my smell.
well, fuck it, i miss my body odor :(

958.jpg (u)
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How-to-Make-Instant-Pot-Labneh.jpg (u)
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imagine the taste of these two babies mixed together (labneh+corn). hmmm!

Jordan-Madaba-8.webp (u)
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god, i miss jordan.
i miss the women
i miss the food
i miss the weather
i miss the freedom

i'm crying :'(
also this altchan is utterly trash
i miss my university, classmates, and professors.

2021-10-05 04-41-49.MP4 (u)
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i need to stop browsing social media, man. it's driving me crazy.

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